Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hodgepodge 123/365 - Serenity II

A couple of weeks ago I posted ten photos from my Flickr stream that conveyed a feeling of serenity. I am in need of some serenity again: for reasons that I can't put a finger on, I'm feeling anxious. Perhaps because I spent the whole day at home waiting for a new camera (that never arrived—hopefully it'll show up tomorrow). Perhaps because I'm heading off with my SAR team on Friday for a recertification in search management and tracking (test anxiety). Perhaps because in a little over a week I'll be leaving for Israel and Italy for four weeks and there's lots to get organized between now and then (pre-trip jitters just starting? if so, it's gonna be a long week . . . ).

The best thing for me right now might be a nice twenty-minute "sit." Which, yeah, I think I'll do—right after I find ten more photos (in pages 11–20 on Flickr) that say "aaaaaaahhhhhh" to me. (Click on the images to see them large and on black.)

Interestingly, in my first Serenity series, I focused largely on landscapes. Here, I'm enjoying looking up close or at a sense of flow and movement in the subject matter. Serenity means different things at different times.

And now: to sit.

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  1. All lovely. I particular enjoyed the orchid and its shadow.