Monday, March 27, 2017

Hodgepodge 149/365 - Dining In

I've been looking forward for a while now to not dining in a restaurant, dreaming of my first home-cooked meal in my sweet little apartment in Rome.

And I am in the process of accomplishing just that. I went to the CarreFour Express a while ago and bought some Tortelli freschi ai Funghi Porcini (gusto delicato); a jar of Salsa Pronta Mutti "Solo Pomodoro" (con un segreto...)—naturalmente dolce (i.e., tomato sauce, "naturally sweet"); some Parmigiano Reggiano rapé/gerapst/grattugiato (grated); and a small bag of small onions (cipolle dorate). 

However, the reality of the situation is: no herbs to really cook with; I passed up on salad and dressing because I didn't want to buy too much; there was no fresh bread at the CarreFour (fresh bread would be so perfect just now). Fortunately, there is cooking oil in the apartment: nothing virgin or olive about it, but perfectly adequate for softening the onions.

And the CarreFour had a nice selection of wine. The 2015 Chianti I chose (i.e., grabbed off the shelf), costing all of €6,09, is tasting very nice.

If I want dessert, I can always munch on a handful of Kellogg's Croccante di Avena (granola)—since I did think ahead enough to stock up on breakfast fixings. Including coffee.

Tomorrow I will reconsider my eating strategy. I'm thinking a nice big lunch out (I just found a list published only a few days ago of the "38 Essential Rome Restaurants"), and then dinner in again, but not cooked: maybe I'll find a good bakery for bread, a cheese store, some snappy antipasti—and yes, some wine. When in Rome . . .

P.S. Tomorrow, too, I am going to sleep in. The days of "breakfast at 7, meet in the lobby at 8" are over!

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  1. that's what I usually do--lunch out and dinner in--wine and cheese being the perfect dinner--have fun!