Monday, November 20, 2017

Family Activities

I feel fortunate for many things, and one of those things is the wonderful family I married into. This weekend some of that family came from far and wide—Seattle and Oslo, as well as, more locally, the Santa Cruz Mountains—for a stimulating visit. We were also joined by friends from Copenhagen on one day. An international gathering!

One thing I love about David's family is how easy they are: they rummage in the fridge when they're hungry; they sit around and read (it used to be books; nowadays it's tablets); they chat; they knit; they nap. Or maybe what I appreciate is how at home they seem to feel. It truly is one big happy family. (For a few days at least.)

Several times a bunch of us (the cast was ever changing) went out into nature. Such an activity invariably involves binoculars. Here are a few photos I shot (plus a couple I didn't):

Whale watching at Moss Landing
Something like this is what we were seeing, only a bunch
of them, on the horizon. It took me until the next day
and a whale-watch boat-captain friend's FB post to realize
that it was big blues we were seeing: thrilling!
(Not that humpbacks aren't special, but still.)
Bird watching at Elkhorn Slough
The birds in question (a lotta lotta egrets, plus maybe
one great blue heron and a few brown pelicans)
Condor watching at Pinnacles National Park

We had the extreme pleasure and privilege of being able to watch three California condors soaring through the air and resting in what we assume is their nest (the rockface below was whitewashed with their poopage). Thanks to the handy website Condor Spotter (and concentrated peering through the binocs to discern the numbers on the birds' patagial tags), I was able to ID our friends: Kun-Wak-Shun (meaning "Thunder and Lightning") (blue-40), laid at the Oregon Zoo and hatched May 9, 2004; his mate Tiny (yellow-36), laid at San Diego Wild Animal Park and hatched March 22, 2001; and Tiny's offspring Junipero (violet-63), laid in the wilds of Big Sur and hatched March 30, 2012.

Kun-Wak-Shun: you can read more about him here.
The whole condor recovery story is a fascinating one.
Here he is showing off his wingspan, which in condors generally
can be up to 10 feet, and his approximately 20-pound weight

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I have written lists of podcasts that sound interesting to me before, like here, here, and here. But happily, podcasts keep on coming! Recently I spotted a list of the "19 Best Podcasts of 2017" from Esquire. Here are a few that I might try to check out (not that I have enough hours left in my life for all these amazing productions, but better feast than famine).
  • Pod Save America: A political podcast for people not yet ready to give up or go insane.
  • Nancy: Join BFFs Kathy Tu and Tobin Low for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay.
  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking: You know how every day someone asks “how are you?” And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say “fine,” so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that.
  • The Daily: This is how the news should sound. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, hosted by Michael Barbaro.
  • Crimetown: The culture of crime in different American cities. 
  • Missing Richard Simmons: Per Esquire, "Fitness guru Richard Simmons disappeared in February of 2014—he stopped teaching his regular classes, cut off all communication with his friends, and seemingly became a recluse—and nobody knew why. Filmmaker Dan Taberski, a friend of Simmons', sets out to find out what happened." 
  • Up and Vanished: A reexamination of a cold case à la Serial.  
  • Homecoming: "A psychological thriller so gripping, tightly scripted, and star-studded" (Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer) "that it feels like a movie in your memory. Told largely through a nonlinear series of phone calls and taped therapy sessions."
  • Las Culturistas: Per the website itself: "Ding dong! Join your culture consultants Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Honey, come and get your life."
  • Presidential: An in-order exploration of the 44 presidents of the United States. (Yes, there is 45*. No, he is not included—or, arguably, a president.
The article lists more, so go check it out if you want more.

And here are a few more "best podcasts of 2017" (or just generally) sites, as of today:

NME (a British music magazine)
Complex (also British, I'm guessing)

Okay. Now I'm going to choose one of these podcasts and go make some turkey chili!

Monday, November 13, 2017

eL Seed, French Tunisian street artist

Yesterday I heard secondhand about eL Seed, a French Tunisian artist (and TED Fellow) whose project, writ large, is to shift perception and, in so doing, foster hope and peace. He does so by fusing "Arabic calligraphy with graffiti to paint colorful, swirling messages . . . on buildings from Tunisia to Paris," as TED describes him.

eL Seed was born in 1981 in Paris. He chose his pseudonym at the age of sixteen while studying Pierre Corneille's 1638 play El Cid in a literature class. "Like Corneille's The Cid, eL Seed 'lives in service of art and hopes to foster peace, without prejudice for anyone he meets, driven only by art and by a message.'" His calligraphy quotes wise, uplifting messages from Arabic literature, but it can be appreciated fully simply for its form and flow, the way it occupies and beautifies space.

Here are some photos of his work (and you can find many more simply by googling).

Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Algiers, Algeria
Cape Town, South Africa
Miami, Florida: the mural quotes the third-century philosopher
Anathasius: "Anyone who wants to look at the sunlight
must wipe his eyes first."
"Lost Walls," Chott el-Jerid, Tunisia

At work on the Miami mural

Here is a TED talk that he gave in 2016, about a project covering fifty buildings in a poor Coptic Christian section of Cairo, where the main occupation is garbage collecting:

Friday, November 10, 2017

Birding in Vietnam

Earlier this year the crackpot idea of going to Vietnam seized my imagination. Don't ask me why—I guess because I've heard it's beautiful. Sometimes something that slight is enough to plant a bee in my bonnet. But also, perhaps, the fact that I was there, briefly, for literally an hour, in 1965 (refueling stop), when both the place and I were very different. I already have a history with Vietnam. I'd like to fill it out.

I found a Sierra Club trip that looked interesting, and was keeping it in my sights—but when I sought it out online the other day, thinking of maybe finally signing up, it was full! Drats!

So I googled. In particular, I googled Vietnam + birds + tours—since I've got this vague idea of seeing kingfishers the world over, and surely there are kingfishers in Vietnam. And I got a hit: WINGS Birding Tours, based out of Tucson. And waddaya know, they had one spot open on their Vietnam tour this coming March.


I bit.

In my application, I mentioned that I'm not really a birder. Which is true: birders have tons more focus and patience than I do, not to mention knowledge. (And better binoculars: my Zeiss 10 x 40s are fine, but they're no Swarovskis.) I would maybe call myself a desultory birder: I like birds; I like to look at them, watch their behaviors; I have a few special interests—shorebirds, raptors, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, kingfishers, geese, waders. Mostly larger birds that don't flit around in dark forests demanding not to be seen.

Siamese Fireback (Lophura diardi)
My statement elicited a quick email from Matt at WINGS. "Basically," he pointed out, "the sole focus of the tour will be the birds (with some exceptions, of course, such as butterflies, mammals, that sort of thing, as we encounter them)." Ha ha, I loved that "that sort of thing"—like, birds are all that really matter, but we acknowledge that there are other life forms on the planet, and if they're big and/or bright enough, maybe we'll put the binoculars down and glance at them. Matt also commented that "we’ll certainly see some great, colorful birds like Siamese Fireback, but we’ll spend a lot of time looking for cryptic, well-hidden brown birds in the dark forest as well." (I think he was just trying to scare me off: we will potentially see several hundred species, maybe just one exemplar per, but still: there's a lot more than LBJs—little brown jobs—in the forests of Vietnam. See below.) "In general birders are a very focused group." (You can say that again!) "We won’t be visiting a lot of cultural sites on tour unless the location happens to coincide with excellent birding (though on the Vietnam tour we stay in a couple nice colonial cities). You’ll be up pre-dawn every day and bird full on all morning, with a short break during the mid-afternoon hours (sometimes), then a few more hours before dinner. Some nights the group will go back out after dinner to look for night birds such as owls and nightjars." I love owls and nightjars, so bring 'em on! As for pre-dawn every day, that will be a challenge, and it will have to become part of my Zen practice: get up and get with it and don't complain, because life is good. Dammit.

(No, seriously: I'm almost looking forward to the 5:30 a.m. starts. I can use a little shaking up of my "routine," such as it is.)

Matt—who also mentioned that the one spot had just opened up due to a cancellation a couple of days ago (see, Providence!)—pointed me to a "tour narrative" from last year, written by the leader the ten of us will be traveling with, Susan Myers. She lists many of the birds they found. I thought here I'd post photos of some of those. Just to prime my spotting skills. And to share the beauty of this world. Birds rock! (Hey, just their names rock!) (And they're not all LBJs by a long shot!)

Bar-bellied Pitta (Pitta elliotii)
White-tailed Blue Flycatcher (Elminia albicauda)
Ratched-tailed Treepie (Temnurus temnurus)
Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler (Pomatorhinus ruficollis musicus)
Fujian Niltava (Niltava davidi)
Limestone Leaf-warbler (Phylloscopus calciatilis)
(This one is as close as we get to an LBJ in this gallery,
and I was choosing these species at random.)
Sultan Tit (Melanochlora sultanea)
Lesser-necklaced Laughingthrush (Garulax monileger)
With the laughingthrush I'm only halfway through the 21-day tour—but that's a nice sample, don't you think?

And here's a mammal, for balance: the endangered Delacour Langur (Trachypithecus delacouri), which we may see in Cuc Phuong National Park. I hope we do. And I hope it's not too sad, knowing that they aren't much longer for this poor benighted Earth.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Glasgow Murals

I happened to check Flickr to see if there were any interesting photos, and the first to pop up were some shots of murals by a Dutch "friend" of mine. I love murals! But where were these? A little digging got me the answer: Glasgow.

I've been to Glasgow, once, many years ago, and I don't recall murals then. But we didn't stay long—it was a quick visit as we started our walking tour of the West Highland Way. According to an official brochure, the City Centre Mural Trail was launched in 2014 "to promote the growing portfolio of works adorning buildings within Glasgow city centre." How delightful! It makes me want to pay a return visit to that city, which I recall enjoying. It has a very different feel from Edinburgh, more solid and rugged, more brick than granite, no castle atop the hill.

Here are some of the murals (the first is the one that caught my eye, photo by Chantal van der Ende-Appel). As always, click on the images to view them large on black.

The Barras Pirate, by Rogue-One (aka Bobby McNamara)
Hip-Hop Marionettes, by Rogue-One
Four Seasons (Summer), by Smug
Wilson Street Badminton mural, by Guido Van Helten
Four Seasons (Autumn), by Smug
High Street mural (Mungo), by Smug
Argyle Street Cafe mural, by Smug
Firhill (Glasgow football stadium) mural, by Rogue-One
Dunlop Street cat (fragment), by Rogue-One
Tiger, by James Klinge
The World's Most Economical Taxi, by Rogue-One
The Gallery, by Sam Bates
Hand Shadow Puppets, by Rogue-One

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

John Le Carré

We've been watching John Le Carré's The Night Manager on Amazon Prime. What a good show! Dense, convoluted, full of good and evil, with deeply nuanced and/or flawed characters—and some gorgeous geography (Mallorca, Madrid, Istanbul, even London/MI6) as well. We just finished episode 4 of 6. I'm expecting some serious danger and bad dudeliness in the next episode.

I believe that much of the dialogue and characterization are taken from the original book itself. He's a master.

Which makes me think: maybe to revisit John Le Carré's oeuvre next year? I can think of worse ways to spend my time.

Here's the full list of all his books. I've read a few of them—mostly the Smiley Cold War novels—and wouldn't mind reading them again. And then the rest as well. It seems he's managed to get over the fact that the Cold War ended: there's still plenty of spycraft to write about.

First, the George Smiley novels. (The rankings are from a Slate article, from 1—his flat-out best—to 23.)

Call for the Dead (1961)  7
A Murder of Quality (1962)  18
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963)  4
The Looking Glass War (1965)  21
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974)  3
The Honourable Schoolboy (1977)  2
Smiley's People (1979)  9
The Secret Pilgrim (1990)  14
A Legacy of Spies (2017)

And stand-alone novels:

A Small Town in Germany (1968)  23
The Naive and Sentimental Lover (1971)  22
The Little Drummer Girl (1983)  8
A Perfect Spy (1986)  1
The Russia House (1989)  11
The Night Manager (1993)  16
Our Game (1995)  17
The Tailor of Panama (1996)  12
Single & Single (1999)  13
The Constant Gardener (2001)  5
Absolute Friends (2003)  6
The Mission Song (2006)  10
A Most Wanted Man (2008)  20
Our Kind of Traitor (2010)  19
A Delicate Truth (2013)  15

And finally, there's The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life (2016), which I happen to own—so perhaps I should start there. Though a big part of me wants to get reacquainted with George Smiley—whom I will always think of as having the face and voice of Alec Guinness, and not of Gary Oldman. But that's a different matter entirely.

Or finally finally, maybe I should indulge in the recent "definitive" biography of John Le Carré, by Alan Sisman. No shortage of reading material, that's for sure.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Cinematic Journalism

I just watched Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005) again. Directed by George Clooney, with David Straithearn in the lead role of Edward R. Murrow. Such a good movie. And all the more pertinent today, what with the right wing going on (and on) about "fake news." Murrow must be spinning in his grave.

How junior senator Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin (Wisconsin again!* now we've got Paul Ryan) became so powerful I don't understand. There's this account in Wikipedia, but it doesn't make his ascent really clear. It surely was the times: post–World War II, Korean War, Iron Curtain. Fear. He died at age 48, probably of alcoholism. No hero he.

But Murrow: he was a man of intelligence and integrity. Here is his conclusion from an episode of the documentary news program See It Now, in which he took on McCarthy:
No one familiar with the history of this country can deny that congressional committees are useful. It is necessary to investigate before legislating, but the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one, and the junior Senator from Wisconsin has stepped over it repeatedly. His primary achievement has been in confusing the public mind, as between the internal and the external threats of Communism. We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men—not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.
   This is no time for men who oppose Senator McCarthy's methods to keep silent, or for those who approve. We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result. There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities. As a nation we have come into our full inheritance at a tender age. We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.
   The actions of the junior Senator from Wisconsin have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies abroad, and given considerable comfort to our enemies. And whose fault is that? Not really his. He didn't create this situation of fear; he merely exploited it—and rather successfully. Cassius was right: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."
And here is an excerpt from the beginning of Clooney's film, Murrow's 1958 speech accepting the RTDNA (Radio-Television News Directors Assocation) annual award (the full transcript of the actual speech can be found here):

But what I thought I'd do here is not necessarily extol Clooney's film, but provide a list of other good journalism-based films. So without further ado, here are ten that actual journalists love—and not necessarily because they're good movies (which is probably why you haven't heard of a couple of them—or at least, I hadn't):

Shattered Glass (2003)
Almost Famous (2000)
-30- (1959)
Never Been Kissed (1999)
Teacher's Pet (1958)
Absence of Malice (1981)
Broadcast News (1987)
All the President's Men (1976)
Ace in the Hole (1951)
His Girl Friday (1940)

Also (randomly, and more seriously, culled from another list):

Parallax View (1974)
The Front Page (1928)
Network (of course!) (1976)
Sweet Smell of Success (1957)
Frost/Nixon (2008)
Wag the Dog (1997)
The Paper (1994)

And of course there's the recent Academy Award winner Spotlight (2015), an excellent film. It's rich territory indeed. And journalism—the Fourth Estate—remains increasingly important and increasingly at peril.

*When I say "Wisconsin again!" I am pained. I love Wisconsin. My dad was from there, I went to graduate school there, I have dear friends and family there (who surely do not accept Paul Ryan as their "representative"). I think of it as a decent, human, loving place. The McCarthys and Ryans notwithstanding.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ventana Wilderness

On Sunday, our little Ventana Wilderness Ranger outfit is having a summit—a refresher of sorts, on radios, on forms that need to be filled out, on Leave No Trace principles. Et cetera. I was asked to create a Trivia Contest, which as it turns out is becoming more of an Info Fest. Here's some of what I've got (not in question form):

What we today call Junipero Serra Peak (5,856 feet), the highest point in the Ventana Wilderness, was called Pimkolam by the Salinan Indians. And before it was Junipero Serra, it was Santa Lucia Peak. Its name was formally changed in 1906 after the Native Daughters of the Golden West sought to assign the name Junipero Serra to a Sierra Nevada Peak—only to have that shot down by the Sierra Club, who pointed out (quite rightly) that Serra, the Franciscan who established the Californian missions, never set foot in the Sierra. Serra probably also never set foot on Pimkolam either, but he did establish three missions in shouting distance of the Esselen Indians, who lived in the Santa Lucia Range—and whose lives were forever changed as a result. So okay: Junipero Serra a.k.a. Santa Lucia a.k.a. Pimkolam. It's a grand view from the top, no matter what the peak is called.

The Ventana and Silver Peak Wildernesses are in the Los Padres National Forest, which has a north and south region. The southern region includes eight more wildernesses: the Sespe, San Rafael, Dick Smith, Chumash, Mitilija, Santa Lucia, Machesna Mountain, and Garcia. The first California condor reintroduction program was launched in the Sespe Wilderness.

The southernmost natural stand of California redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) is in our Silver Peak Wilderness, just north and east of the Salmon Creek ranger station in the far south of Monterey County. Seventeen acres. In 2005 it was designated the Southern Redwoods Botanical Area.

There are some 300 miles of trails in the Ventana–Silver Peak wilderness areas, with nine major trailheads. The Ventana Wilderness Alliance forum covers sixty-two trails, with up-to-date reports of trail conditions.

The Ventana trails were mostly built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The core area of the Ventana Wilderness was set aside in 1931 as the 45,520-acre Ventana Primitive Area. Since then, the protected lands have been added to incrementally, and today the Ventana Wilderness (formally established in 1969) stands at 240,026 acres, while the Silver Peak Wilderness (designated in 1992) adds an additional 31,555 acres of public lands: a big, rugged playground for backpackers, hikers, and equestrians.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Poetry (Linda Gregg)

We Manage Most When We Manage Small

Linda Gregg

What things are steadfast? Not the birds.
Not the bride and groom who hurry
in their brevity to reach one another.
The stars do not blow away as we do.
The heavenly things ignite and freeze.
But not as my hair falls before you.
Fragile and momentary, we continue.
Fearing madness in all things huge
and their requiring. Managing as thin light
on water. Managing only greetings
and farewells. We love a little, as the mice
huddle, as the goat leans against my hand.
As the lovers quickening, riding time.
Making safety in the moment. This touching
home goes far. This fishing in the air.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Two Years of Posts

Here is the full list of my 365 x 2 blog posts (not including my book reports from last year, which are listed here). I wrote this list for myself, so it may be a bit cryptic, but . . . it covers it all!

1. The Start (my birthday)
2. Language (all my languages)
3. Poetry (my priests)
4. Beauty (makeup)
5. Creepiness (photos of dolls)
6. Work (editing/proofreading, flag book)
7. Food (veggie dinner party)
8. Shoes
9. Frivolity (calendar, geocaching in Carmel)
10. Music (concertina)
11. Eclipses
12. Travel (New Zealand)
13. Change (Snapseed)
14. Mastery (SAR)
15. Taste (cooked citrus)
16. Walking (Frog Pond)
17. Doing (“Do all you can . . .” avoiding work, to-do list)
18. Coffee
19. Work (VWA/fire rings)
20. Addiction (Two Dots)
21. Mushrooms
22. Photography (first camera, Schönbrunn)
23. Jackrabbit
24. Heights
25. Chemistry
26. Work (VWA/Terrace Creek work trip)
27. Childhood (illness/dog bite)
28. Marathon I (set-up, first power walk)
29. Marathon II (marathon)
30. Music (Dorian, list)
31. Frivolity (travelbugs)
32. Time (October photos)
33. Photography (first solo show)
34. Technology (MacBook fix, photo selection)
35. Books (Book Group)
36. Travel (Ireland)
37. Writing (journals)
38. Names (my name)
39. Bucket (birds!)
40. Nest (hummingbird)
41. Illness (cold)
42. Cars (4Runner diagnosis)
43. Peeves (signaling)
44. Travel (Africa)
45. Schedule (Franklin’s)
Seeking (Jeanette Winterson)
46. Childhood (Nishimachi)
47. Flowers (and colors)
48. House (the remodel)
49. Cars (alternator/battery)
50. Sunday (what a good day)
51. Snow (my history in snow)
52. Adventure (Fast Raft)
53. Ancestry (23andMe)
54. Numbers (photos)
55. Travel (New Mexico)
56. Mom
57. Lazy (pizza)
58. Bonsai
59. Babar
60. Beliefs (Sasquatch, unicorns, stardust)
61. Helicopters
62. Technology (Sagebrush Sea)
63. Work (VWA/annual membership meeting)
64. Dessert (rhubarb)
65. Reading (work gets in the way)
66. Backpacking (REI presentation on JMT)
67. Sauna (Finland)
68. Movies (Mad Max: Fury Road)
69. Other (Mexicans, based on proofread; Sneetches)
70.  Photography (color diptychs)
71. Climbing (first climb)
72. Frivolity (puzzle caches)
73. Geography (California, my home)
74. Exercise (quit gym, resolve to exercise on my own)
75. Garden (good intentions)
76. Packing (for Norway)
77. Travel (TSA, on plane)
78. Tropopause (Still Alice, Kushner quote)
79. Home (in Oslo, decorating)
80. Travel (Norway/past trips)
81. Morning (morning routines)
82. Graves (Magne’s, my grandparents’)
83. Driving (independence while traveling)
84. Weddings (Malin & Stefan’s, ours)
85. Bread (Eris’s recipe)
86. Illness (24-hour flu)
87. Flexibility (delayed travel, rainbow)
88. Solitude (at støl)
89. Wet (rain)
90. Light (midnight sun)
91. Grace (gay rights, national grace)
92. Writing (Scribe Lab, Amber Moon)
93. Snow (fear of getting cold)
94. Writing (handwriting)
95. Games (with family/Idiot)
96. Light (landscape colors, painting class)
97. Reentry (leaving Norway)
98. Waiting (travel daya
99. Bills (paying bills on arrival home)
100. Reading (lists of mysteries)
101. Knee (right knee pain)
102. Pants
103. Breakfast (peaches and shredded wheat)
104. Frivolity (Gianni’s get-together, puzzles, challenges)
105. Bread (sourdough starter)
106. Questing (history, “Wild Geese”)
107. Cars (my history in, starting with old VW)
108. Consciousness (Mind the Gap; Instructions for Living)
109. Walking (UP Band)
110. Friends (Jan and Catharina)
111. Food (Tassajara)
112. Petrichor (Tassajara rainstorm; Dr. Tom Grams)
113. Movies (closing of the Osio, indie films)
114. Theater (Music Center plays, Theodore Bikel)
115. Glads (Leslie, “The Wild Iris”)
116. Olympics
117. TV (Breaking Bad)
118. Art (Andy Goldsworthy)
119. SAR (ninth anniversary of getting sworn in)
120. Perseverance (while geocaching)
121. Harley
122. Action (Cecil the lion and a list of anti-poaching groups)
123. Aquarium (my career there, sparked by Velella velella)
124. Writing (my Coast & Ocean CV)
125. Anniversary
126. Drinks (laying off alcohol, ha ha)
127. Photography (photos: first solo show; cf. #33)
128. Service (National Night Out, CV Fiesta)
129. Photography + Technology (printer woes à no more solo shows)
130. Swimsuit (buying a new one)
131. Tiramisu (dinner with Carolee and JP; Alison; life’s changes)
132. Knots (SAR training; Shipping News)
133. Strangers (Strangers Project)
134. Work (my three real jobs and freelancing)
135. School (high school to college career)
Faith and Grace
136. Books (going through boxes)
137. Off (grumpy day, Car Week, terns)
138. Hair (haircut: short hair is best)
139. Corn (hot day à Wisconsin, thunderstorms, corn festival; spiced corn soup recipe)
140. Cats I (Tisiphone)
141. Schedule (big job, hoping for schedule; Vonnegut, Henry Miller)
142. Poetry (“Postscript”)
143. ISTP
144. Goats (helping Miranda move; Harley Farm)
145. Hungary (goulash, 1969)
146. Garden (Jenny ha ha; photos)
147. Presence (quack quack quack)
148. Email (cleaning out the inbox)
149. Journal(s)
150. Radio (listening to NPR)
151. Morning (my non-routine)
152. Tipping
153. SAR (24-hour pack)
154. Vegetables (driving around Monterey Co. + Brittany artichokes)
155. Wealth (visiting Grant in PB)
156. Slowdown (Green Gulch with Nina)
157. Beginner (Green Gulch, sitting, Beginner’s Mind)
158. Bridges (photos, prompted by GG Bridge)
159. Community (spurred by Chris Heurich’s passing)
160. Craft (book arts)
161. Быстро! (impatience)
162. Literature (Steinbeck) (geocaching; Cannery Row)
163. Restaurants (new veggie restau)
164. Exhaustion (Mt. Manuel Trail work)
165. Vision (Smith Rock; vision correction)
166. 9-11
167. Photography (photos: second solo show)
168. Interviews (SAR interviews)
169. Wedding (witnessing for Zee)
170. Diet (Whole30)
171. Blahs (ending with a walk on River Trail with D&M)
172. Divisiveness (Questing; swords into ploughshares)
173. Jazz (festivals past as I listen through an open window)
174. Fire (local fires; Bel-Air fire)
175. Jazz II (going to the festival: Chick Corea + Béla Fleck; Dianne Reeves)
176. Work (self-sufficiency, not wasting time)
177. Asilomar (photos)
178. Ch-ch-changes (response to Dorian’s email)
Time being (Appendix A)
179. Busy (trying to finish a chunk of work: screen shot)
180. Frivolity (Nisene Marks with Mimring)
181. Friends (party at Grant’s in PB; my SAR friends)
182. Movies (Charade)
183. Procrastination
184. Productivity (50 life hacks)
185. River Time (photos from Minnesota)
186. Guns (after the Roseburg shooting)
187. Bats
188. Films (Wild & Scenic Film Fest)
189. Mugs
190. Photography (36 Views of Moss Landing)
191. Canyons (as metaphor and literally)
192. Calendars
193. Quizzes (an Internet quiz—and horoscopes)
194. Duane
195. LNT (training in Big Sur)
196. Music (Los Lobos)
197. Lights (Halloween)
198. Judgment (backing off of Halloween lights: lighten up!)
199. Cleaning (vacuuming, straightening up)
200. SIFT (Mindfulness meditation)
201. Work (finishing a job)
202. Zombies (Zombie Run)
203. Power (outage)
204. Birds (feeders)
205. Floods (1995 Monterey County)
206. Writing (Writing by Writers, first day with Mark Doty)
207. Joshua Tree (climbing)
208. Writing (again) (panel discussions; Walt Whitman)
209. Gophers (vs. prairie dogs)
210. Goodbyes
211. Motivation (adding a few new practices to my day: writing, TED, short story)
212. Movies (The Martian)
213. Cooking (stuffed peppers and podcasts)
214. Questing (Hafiz, “All the Hemispheres”)
215. Stretching (underwater nude photography)
216. Frivolity (Halloween night cache)
217. Cello (after Composers Forum concert for Allison; Bach and Goat Rodeo)
218. Rain (photos)
219. Ingress (meeting the Ashtons)
220. Books (my favorite books as a child, quotes from Wrinkle)
221. David (how we met + ideas for blog posts)
222. Helping (Syrian refugee crisis)
223. Full (full day: geocaching films, Tim’s b’day party, Ingress)
224. Chalk (my Flickr career and photos)
225. Yosemite (in winter)
226. Cats II, part 1 (Jamaica) (with story “At the Vet”)
227. Pizza (my favorite kinds, recipes)
228. Slides (photos)
229. Australia (trip with Loraine)
230. Medical (training)
231. Sushi (starting diet)
232. Mendocino (“First Fish”)
233. Birds (photos of largeish birds)
234. Creative Space (setting up studio)
235. Trailwork (and the diet)
236. Stats (Blogger stats)
237. Denali (photos)
238. Taiwan (Lion’s Head Mountain)
239. Roost (photos)
240. Schedule (musings on mine)
241. Food (Whole30 progress report plus Paleo Stuffing recipe)
242. Order (cleaning the kitchen and thanksgiving)
243. Poetry (Mark Doty)
244. Winning (winning the raven print)
245. Fear (phobias, for fear essay)
246. Walking (getting a new UP band)
247. Games (my color game: q&a)
248. Animals (mooing in the countryside, Gary Larson cartoon)
249. Amaryllis (photos)
250. 61 (turning, plus 61 books project)
251. Music (I Cantori)
252. Backpacking (Grand Canyon photos)
253. Crunch (what I miss on the Whole30 diet)
254. Music (Pink Martini)
255. Alaska (Inside Passage photos)
256. Cars (flashing Check Engine light)
257. Skiing (Norway) (photos)
258. Places I Have Lived
259. TV (my history with)
260. School (semesters)
261. 30 (finishing the Whole30, sort of)
262. Weight (my weight and losing five pounds)
263. Time (is all we have)
264. Books (Ta-Nehisi Coates)
265. Condors (first part of my C&O story)
266. Rules (John Cage’s)
267. Solstice (Wendell Berry and Lidia Yuknavitch)
268. Bread (French, recipe)
269. Doctor (annual checkup)
61 books #4
270. Ocean (my life near)
271. Christmas (practices)
272. Coyote (seeing hunting)
273. Crowds (trying to go to movies, plus two photos)
274. Independence (an appreciation of David)
275. Dining Out (with Grant at Lucia)
276. Ambition (PhD)
277. Resolutions (or rather, themes)
278. New Year (walk at Del Monte Forest, plus photos)
279. Lazy (leftover lasagne)
280. Persimmons
281. Dog (meeting Milo)
282. Medicine Cards (my fortune)
283. Books (searching for The Keeper of Lost Causes)
284. Walking (in Toro BLM and getting caught by the creek)
285. Car (new one!)
286. Truths (being sick of myself and ER’s Val-Kill)
287. Stuff (too much, camera gear, resolutions to sort and cull)
288. Clothes (my colors: comfort vs. style)
289. Routine (walking the dog in the morning, for a change)
290. Optimism (the lottery)
291. Deaths (David Bowie, Alan Rickman)
292. Knee
293. Volunteering
294. Periods (first etc.)
295. Milo (our first meeting!)
296. Fear (a few quotes)
297. Daylight (growing days)
298. Contradiction (competence vs. play)
299. Faces (The Big Short and not recognizing actors)
300. Names (Art Garfunkel)
301. Postcards
302. Listening (while driving)
303. Road (trip: upshot, the rear hatch . . . optimism, patience)
304. Photography (Bosque)
305. Likes (day with Melony)
306. Death (Magdalena cemetery)
307. Astronomy (VLA visit)
308. Red Threads
309. Butterflies (Tucson)
310. Slow (a hike in a canyon)
311. Venice
312. 425 (photos of my mother’s things)
313. Mastery (Frans Lanting)
314. LA (a day with Tesi)
315. Sports (Super Bowl etc.)
316. Exercise (dumbbells)
317. Travel (Costa Rica Traverse)
318. Journalism (Spotlight, Pulitzers)
319. Bagels (how I like them)
320. Windows (new French shades in studio)
321. Light (shadows: photos)
322. Love (Valentine’s Day)
323. Hobbies (ending editing—what’s next?)
324. Food (Whole 30 again, polenta/veggies recipe)
325. Bonding (activities)
326. Travel (Scotland while photographing)
327. Death/Neighbors
328. Math (for a puzzle cache)
329. Music (Randy Newman)
330. Cats II, part 2 (Java)
331. Engagement (with life, plus David Byrne)
332. Bike (getting a tune-up)
333. Rabbit (eating it)
334. Papers (going through old)
335. Outside (getting out, banishing the blues)
336. Movies (this year’s Oscars)
337. Frivolity (filling in my geocaching calendar)
338. Travel (Ecuador)
339. Anticipation (signing up for OLLI, Boulder, book arts)
340. Wildlife (UN World Wildlife Day and how to help the planet)
341. Books (reading A Lily of the Field)
342. Photography (b&w diptychs with Susan)
343. Tree (feud over the pine tree)
344. Garden (spring work)
345. Tacos
346. Rashomon (lunch with Barb & Jayne)
347. Adventure (needing to move)
348. Medical (reviewing for SAR training)
349. DST (Daylight Savings Time)
350. Photography (night)
351. Astronauts (Col. Chris Hadfield)
352. Collecting (stamps and Japanese folk toys)
353. SAR (search for missing boy on coast)
354. Jerky (with recipe)
355. Sushi (chopstick rests)
356. Cats III (sweet Jolie)
357. Comics (my favorites, prelude to reading a graphic novel)
358. Photography (7 days and 7 photos of beauty in nature challenge)
359. Justice (Thin Blue Line etc.)
360. Volunteering (signing up for Red Cross)
361. Golf (dinner with Grant at Pebble Beach Lodge)
362. Photography (last day of 7 days, cf. #358)
363. Pens/Pencils (ha ha, new 365 of drawing—not! as it turned out)
364. Cats IV (Ravi and Luna)
365. Farewell


1. A new beginning (10/30/16)
2. Hallelujah (the Leonard Cohen song)
3. Persimmons (picking them at Peggy’s, and hoshigaki) (11/1/16)
4. Learning something new (why I like FB, and cognitive biases)
5. Cooking (following recipes)
6. Handmade book (the one I made with Christine last year)
7. Book arts (a few pertinent websites)
8. Wilderness ranger (my Ford Ranger award! and our annual summit)
9. Seriously (the TAL song, sung by Leslie Odom Jr.)
10. Listening to words (podcasts)
11. Poetry (a poem by Mark Doty)
12. Fitness tracking (walking) (my new Fitbit)
13. Memory (buying RAM, and links to articles etc. on human memory)
14. Kingfishers
15. Courage (Jennifer Egan and “word casings”: words w/o meaning outside quotation marks)
16. Leon Russell (induction to R&R Hall of Fame)
17. Full moon (supermoon and blue moon parties)
18. Women’s March on Washington (going!)
19. Active shooter drill (Hollister, with Red Cross)
20. Calling Washington (my activism)
21. Yo-Yo Ma (and bucket lists)
22. Anchor Brewery (writing group, working next door)
23. Yoko Ono
24. 100 Strangers (Steven Jacques)
25. B&W photography
26. Turkeys (photos)
27. Geocaching (Castroville caches for 20 faves)
28. Telephone (my attitude toward)
29. Salinas: Architectural Gems (multicache)
30. “Amazing Grace” (Pat Bailey’s funeral; Obama’s rendition)
31. Snake Dike
32. Meditation (my resolve to sit daily till 12/31)
33. Poetry (Ross Gay) (“Burial”)
34. Best books (of 2016)
35. Photography (Michael Kenna)
36. Birthday in New Zealand
37. Oysters
38. Animation (Moana)
39. Book Report (Station Eleven)
40. Bookstores (Ann Patchett’s list of interesting bookstores, for a bookstore road trip)
41. Portuguese Bean Soup (Sherilyn’s story about Lihue airport, plus fried rice)
42. Search & Rescue (ELT, PLS, search management training; and books about SAR)
43. Book Report (Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude)
44. Soberanes Fire (a visit to the burn area)
45. Book Report (Born a Crime)
46. Alphabet Mosaics
47. Time Travel Movies (a list)
48. Whiteness (what it means to me to be “white”)
49. Book Design (my book covers for Art 41, plus a few lists)
50. Light (Christmas lights, and my first menorah)
51. Rugs (trying to buy one, and Tom Grams)
52. Red (my favorite color)
53. Christmas Music (Spanish Bay caroling)
54. CDs (Drive-By Truckers)
55. Daily Quote (David Hallerman, Mont Blanc)
56. Book Report (When Breath Becomes Air)
57. Hearts (my collection)
58. Book Report (The Polar Bear)
59. 52 Dinners
60. Geocaching (Henry Coe with Mimring)
61. Objects (my “Objet du jour” Flickr album)
62. Alphabet Diptychs (finishing the project with Susan)
63. Eighth Day of Hanukkah (with poem by Denise Levertov)
64. Haiku
65. Greeting Cards (mostly, “fancy”)
66. Poppies (photos)
67. Tassajara Zen Center (photos)
68. Hiking Garland (photos)
69. Vietnam (and memory)
70. Horoscope (Rob Brezsny for 2017)
71. Road Trip Movies
72. Mt. Madonna (photos; cf. 67)
73. Book Report (Wild Gratitude)
74. Shifting Baselines
75. Eggs (at the Owens)
76. Playing Recorder (with Libby)
77. Passports (and visas)
78. Martin Luther King, Jr. (“I Have a Dream”)
79. Anna Deavere Smith (Nurse Jackie, but also Fires in the Mirror)
80. Pussyhat
81. Travel Jitters (off to Washington DC)
82. Arlington Cemetery and the Mall
83. Hirsshorn Art Gallery and the Mall
84. Women’s March on Washington
85. Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln Memorial)
86. Airport Music
87. Fired Up (getting activist)
88. Winnie-the-Pooh (memes
89. Photo Projects (Monterey County line)
90. Green Gulch Farm Zen Center (finishing up the spiritual refuge series)
91. Holocaust Remembrance Day (wrist tattoos in SD)
92. Indivisible 831 (first meeting)
93. Writing in the Age of Trump (links)
94. Poetry (e.e. cummings)
95. Grandparents’ Grave
96. Garbage Can (the small things in life)
97. Dog Sledding in Alaska
98. Roadrunner Rules
99. Coffeehouse Poet
100. Protest (1st Amendment rally)
101. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Milo after bad back day)
102. Manhattan Transfer + Take 6
103. Oh, my aching back!
104. Tattletales (geocaching)
105. Book Report (The Lock Artist)
106. Town Hall (with Reps. Jimmy Panetta and Zoe Lofgren)
107. Berta Santos Pinet, Artist
108. Love Poems (Jane Kenyon and Donald Hall, peonies)
109. Apophenia (Walter Murch)
110. Serenity (a few facts, a few landscape photographs)
111. Sitting (quote by Natalie Goldberg)
112. Cheaters (reading glasses)
113. Fish (sand dabs and sockeye)
114. Flood Evacuation (working a Red Cross shelter)
115. Sunshower (kitsune no yomeiri, plus “Singing in the Rain” clip)
116. Family (meeting a long-lost cousin, Mary Geissman)
117. Movie Date (La La Lan and Lalla Grill)
118. Taste in Movies (Mr. Church, trusting reviewers)
119. #NatureChallenge (a FB challenge: 7 photos)
120. Academy Awards
121. Street Art (muralists in Venice, CA, and Norway)
122. Quinoa (Rasa, recipe)
123. Serenity II (photos; anxiety)
124. Poetry (Dorianne Laux, Antilamentation)
125. Travel Plans (camera does not arrive; MRA recert skipped; finalizing Italy plans)
126. Galleries (Flickr galleries, specifically, especially Rose’s, plus my photos in galleries))
127. Imam Bayildi (dinner at Greek restau, plus recipe)
128. New Camera (Olympus)
129. Whales (walk with Carolee and J-P)
130. Oops, Forgot! (first time I forgot to write my blog, plus Voci concert)
131. Hair (haircuts)
132. Loneliness (Gretchen Rubin on 7 kinds of)
133. Packing (for Israel and Italy)
134. Travel Day (written at Heathrow)
135. Hebrew
136. Hotels (the Grand Beach, Tel Aviv)
137. Stories (National Park Bet Guvrin-Maresha, Jaffa—and all the people of this area)
138. Things I Didn’t Know Before (Caesareum, Baha’I, Druze, Hellenistic Period)
139. Conflict (Lebanese border and Israeli self-defense)
140. Tyranny of the Tour
141. Birds (of Israel—vultures, peafowl, cranes)
142. Dead Sea
143. Layover Days (Eilat—and thoughts of Italy)
144. Choices (Eilat, Underwater Observatory, and morning and afternoon hikes)
145. Kibbutz Lotan
146. Shabbat (Jerusalem, Shabbat of a Lifetime)
147. Jerusalem (photos; Israel museum; Via Dolorosa)
148. Moving On (last day)
149. Dining Out (first day in Rome)
150. A Walk through Rome (photos)
151. Vatican Museum (mostly photos)
152. Tourist (and the Forum)
153. Marathon (planning on getting out of Rome)
154. Waiting in Line (St. Peter’s Basilica)
155. My Friend Ulla
156. Venice (arriving in)
157. Walkabout (geocaching, multicache)
158. Peggy Guggenheim
159. Slow Down . . . (jamming a ticket machine + Grand Canal tour)
160. Ready (to get home)
161. Set . . . (the islands)
162. And . . . (out by the airport)
163. Go (flight home)
164. Souvenirs
165. Superbloom (our poppies)
166. Tesla (test drive)
167. Book Report (My Promised Land)
168. Geocaching (big day in Henry Coe with Alastair)
169. Taxes
170. Snakes
171. Poem (Galway Kinnell, “St. Francis and the Sow”)
172. Poem (Ellen Bass, “The World Has Need of You”)
173. Trail Work (Mt. Manuel Trail)
174. Fighting Entropy
175. March for Science
176. Pet Peeves (order splitting in the grocery store)
177. Answering the Door
178. Bill Paying in the Modern World
179. Poem (Mark Doty, “Atlantis”)
180. Volcano (bird houses)
181. Volcano Union Inn (and dinners)
182. Process (slowing down and workflow; editing vs. writing vs. making books)
183. Problem Solving (dinner conversation over next steps + Car Talk)
184. Energy (running out of)
185. Poem (Mary Oliver, “Halleluiah”)
186. Willpower
187. Wabi-sabi and Friends (Japanese aesthetics)
188. Saws
189. Hollister
190. I Cantori (final concert with Sal)
191. Empty (and Oatmeal cartoon on “Believe”)
192. Phalaropes (local sighting)
193. Little Free Libraries
194. Randy Newman
195. L.A. light (Weschler essay, Diebenkorn)
L.A. Light part 2
196. Salads (dinner with Brian and Melissa, chopped salad recipe)
197. Aerial views
198. Maps
199. Wakame (seaweed salad)
200. Book Report (Tenth of December, George Saunders)
201. Poetry (Wislawa Szymborska)
202. An Hour in the Life (dinner at Club J, music, Safeway)
203. Wildlife Sightings (afternoon at Aaron and Ruby’s, rattlesnake and fox)
204. Poetry (Wendell Berry)
205. Coding (starting Codecademy class in HTML and CSS)
206. Tickets (traffic tickets)
207. Rainbow (Flickr pics)
208. Milo!
210. Wedding (Miranda & Tim)
211. Brian Doyle
212. Quotes (from FB)
213. Dessert
214. Iceland
215. Edgars (list of 2017 best books)
216. Beatles (Sgt. Pepper)
217. El Cap (Alex Honnold)
218. Ether (radio shows, connectivity, FB)
219. Haiku (first day of ranger academy, Tahoe)
220. Accessibility (in wilderness, also Mark Wellman)
221. Black Bears
222. Crosscut Saw (training)
223. Los Padres National Forest
224. Monteverdi
225. Panna Cotta (Passionfish)
226. My World (countries I’ve visited)
227. T. H. White (him and a quote from Sword in the Stone)
228. Poetry (Jane Hirshfield)
229. Books: In Particular, Big Ones…
230. Book Report (Colum McCann, Letters to a Young Writer)
231. Monterey Pop Festival
232. History (best history books)
233. T-shirts (including The IT Crowd and Big Bang Theory)
234. Owner’s manual (my Subaru)
235. Netflix (DVDs vs. streaming)
236. Beets (and cold soup recipe)
237. Salmon (Atlantic, sustainability)
238. Numbers II (photos)
239. Afternoon outing (geocaching)
240. The Maple Kind? (silly dog video)
241. Poetry (Mary Oliver, “Peonies”)
242. Web Humor (Nietzsche Family Circus, xkcd)
243. Jim Brandenburg
244. Shrimp (sustainability)
245. Poetry (Barbara Ras)
246. PEZ FROG (trackables)
247. America (Simon & Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen)
248. Fireworks
249. Renaissance Music (Kermit the Frog)
250. Funk (as in, the blues)
251. Listening to Words II (more podcasts)
252. Book Report (Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin)
253. Resistance (a list of ways to stay involved)
254. Ars Poetica (Horace and MacLeish, poetry)
255. Octopus & Kin (Monterey Bay Aquarium)
256. Detailing (car)
257. Quotes (and the need for fact-checking)
258. Angels (Ira Livingston on quitting smoking)
259. Obsession (Andy Goldsworthy)
260. Sounds (on a walk at Carmel River State Beach)
261. Organ Recital (at the Carmel Mission)
262. Poetry (Tamara Madison)
263. Words (tragedy, butterfly, caterpillar, foreign languages)
264. Poetry (Sherilyn Lee)
265. Robots (Rudy the Roomba)
266. WWII (trivia quiz via geocaching)
267. Bach Festival (Mozart, Tavener, Mahler)
268. Poetry (Eloise Klein Healy)
269. My Desk
270. Poetry (Kate Asche)
271. Book Report (American Gods)
272. Concert (Colin Hay) (and a kvetsch about rude people)
273. Milo! Again! (photos)
274. Dorm (International House)
275. Poetry (Arminé Iknadossian)
276. John Steinbeck (his grave and some quotes)
277. Lofoten (photos)
278. Book Report (What, What?)
279. TV (Longmire)
280. Carmel Valley Fiesta
281. American Monsoon
282. Periodic Tables
283. Book Report (Breathing Water)
284. Poetry (Wendell Berry)
285. Ikigai (our purpose in life)
286. Gaman (and the internment camps)
287. Book List for My WWII Project
288. Poetry (Issa) (radishes)
289. Naked Ladies (photos)
290. Poetry (Khadijah Queen)
291. Avocados
292. Charlottesville
293. Poetry (Sherman Alexie)
294. Black-headed Grosbeak (and bird calls)
295. Puzzled (a diabolical puzzle cache in Corvallis)
296. Eclipse (yes! the eclipse!)
297. Poetry (William Stafford)
298. Death (and Music) (Dick Gregory, Jerry Lewis, John Abercrombie)
299. Real-time Maps
300. Tel Avid (photos)
301. Thai food
302. Big Brother and the Holding Company
303. Book Report (That Hate U Give)
304. Poetry (Gary Snyder)
305. Scotland (photos/Hurricane Katrina)
306. Old Age / (Hot Air) Balloons
307. Fingers (a cut, plus famous people who are missing them)
308. Nightshade (the family)
309. Words (Skeevy)
310. Pelicans (the family)
311. DACA (and a little protest march)
312. Poetry (Naomi Shihab Nye)
313. Zen Quote (dualism)
314. Mustelids (the family)
315. Childe Hassam and the Isles of Shoals
316. Science Writing and Podcasts
317. Poetry (Timothy Donnelly)
318. Book Report (The Child Finder)
319. Poetry (Mary Oliver: “Kingfisher”)
320. Happy Birthday, David! (photos)
321. Sour Cherry Rice (Abaloo Polow)
322. Twins (geocaching, twins, Starn Twins)
323. Opals (plus Amy Lowell poem)
324. Photos, Mostly Macro
325. Geocaching (photos)
326. Challah
327. Poetry (W. S. Merwin)
328. Photography (Pete Turner) (color photography)
329. Artist (James Prosek) (nature art, and the Wild & Scenic film festival)
330. SAR (Arroyo Seco callout)
331. California State Symbols
332. Stats (blogger/blogspot)
333. Cartoons (Michael Leunig)
334. Driving (a slow driver in front of me)
335. Book Report: Murder at La Fenice
336. Cult movies (Repo Man was the instigator)
337. Coundown (photos 10 to 1)
338. Poetry (Jim Harrison)
339. Guns (a bit of a rant, following the Las Vegas shooting)
340. Horned Lizards
341. Poetry (Maggie Smith: “Good Bones”)
342. Davy Crockett vs. Daniel Boone
343. The Porches
344. Rubén Guevara
345. Photography (Colors: the rainbow)
346. Calendar (my 2018 stickers calendar)
347. White/Orange Fish (Coffey Park, Santa Rosa)
348. Mann Gulch Fire
349. Tubbs Fire (photos)
350. “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye
351. Scat (as in singing)
352. Kintsugi (“the art of precious scars”)
353. Loma Prieta Earthquake
354. Poetry (Stephen Vincent Benet’s “American Names”)
355. Decomposition Notebooks
356. James Baldwin
357. Hokusai
358. Persimmons
359. Cartoon Physics (Nick Flynn poems)
360. 52 Places to Go
361. Frank O’Hara Poetry
362. Red Cross Casework
363. Manzanar Gardens
“Berryman,” by W. S. Merwin
364. Fever
365. The End
Richard Stine, artist