Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Few Art Techniques I'd Like to Try (If Only I Were an Artist)

We spent some of today looking at art, both in the New Mexico State Capitol—which, an information desk volunteer proudly told us, has some $6 million worth of original art in the halls surrounding the Senate and House of Representatives chambers—and up the hill in Tesuque Village, at a gallery and sculpture garden called Shidoni. I was taken by so much of the original art, and wished once again that I had artistic talent. And thought, once again, about maybe trying?

I took photos of two pieces that I would love to try to recreate—pieces that look somewhat possible to make, if not exactly the same way (why would I want to do that?)—or at least use as inspiration.

One was a "silent wind chime" made of silk:

The other was a photo collage:

There was also an encaustic collage that I loved (but that wouldn't photograph because of glare). It reminded me that I've always liked the look of encaustic, and I've always wondered how difficult it is to do. That has spurred me on to investigating the technique online—for future reference. Here are a few links to technical instruction:

Encaustic Basics Part I: FAQs
Encaustic Basics Part II: Preparing Substrates, Fusing, Adding Color
Encaustic Basics Part III: Adding Collage and Embedding Objects
All Things Encaustic: A Blog for Artists Painting with Beeswax—A Beginner's Guide
Photo Encaustic Part I: The Basics and Beauty of Beeswax and Photography
Photo Encaustic: Part II

Here are a few encaustic pieces I've plucked off Google images, that I like. (There are plenty, believe me, that I don't like.)

Sarah E. Rehmer
BG Mills
Giselle Gautreau
Jill Skupin Burkholder
Jill Skupin Burkholder
Jeff League
Joyce Gehl
Andrea Bird
Nancy Crawford
Raven Voss

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  1. I've always loved encaustic, but I'm intimidated by the technique. (Thank you for including the links!) The examples you've found are beautiful: evocative and dreamy. And P.S. I don't think you can credibly claim not to be an artist :-)