Friday, March 31, 2017

Hodgepodge 153/365 - Marathon

This Sunday, April 2, is the Rome Marathon, kicking off at 8:40 a.m. near the Colosseum.

This Sunday at 9:05, I will be on a train leaving Termini Station. At least, I hope I will be. There remains the trick of getting to the station—normally, straightforward; this particular Sunday, not so much, since the marathon crisscrosses the area.

I'm pretty sure it will be okay. I found a note on the ATAC (city transportation) website saying that the no. 40 express bus to Termini will be sospese (suspended) between 8 and 1. If I'm waiting at the bus stop at 7, 7:15, that should work. Right?

If all else fails, I've Google-mapped the walking route—48 minutes, some of which covers part of the course. But again, if I set off at 7, I'll be at Termini almost an hour before the race starts. Surely there won't be barriers keeping little ol' me from crossing the streets I need to cross. (If there are, I'll just bust through 'em!)

I'd rather take the bus—my backpack is kind of heavy, though that said, a bit of early-morning exercise wouldn't be a bad thing before sitting on the train for a few hours.

We'll see. In any event, I'm glad I finally noticed the date that's on the banners scattered throughout Rome, and realized that that event might just get in my way if I wasn't careful. I hope I'll be okay!

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