Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hodgepodge 133/365 - Packing

I wrote about packing for another trip here. This time, I've focused less on all my gadgets (+ power cords), which at this point are obvious, and a little more on clothing.

I had a packing list, provided by the tour company. Which really helped.

It helped me both in terms of remembering to pack a few things (like a swimsuit) that I don't normally think about, and in terms of keeping things to a minimum. Until, that is, I had everything in the suitcase, and lo and behold, it was only half full! That's when I started adding items that belong in the "I'm going somewhere where nobody knows that I always dress like a transient" category, i.e.: a pair of fun burgundy red bootlets with (low) heels; a short-sleeved wool dress; a couple of scarves; jewelry (mainly earrings); and lipstick.

I will dress up at least once on this trip. If nowhere else, for my evening at La Fenice in Venice to hear Jeffrey Tate. But . . . I think I'd like to dress nicely on more than one occasion. It will be good practice, while I'm incognito.

I also packed a skirt and a couple of nicer black tops and a versatile black jacket. The bootlets will go with jeans and a simple top, with the jacket and maybe a scarf. I can dress myself (though normally, as my sister-in-law once put it quite correctly, I don't "dress": I put on clothes).

I am going for four weeks after all. And I am determined to wear every item of clothing I'm bringing along.

Who knows—I may return home a new me, in the sartorial department at least. Anything's possible, right?

Wish me luck.

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