Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hodgepodge 130/365 - Oops, Forgot!

This is the first time in 495 days that I actually forgot to do my blog post. In the past I've sometimes had to post late, because I was traveling where there was no wi-fi, but I always sat down and wrote it on the specified day. (Or, on a couple of occasions, I forgot until I remembered in the nick of time.) Yesterday, though, it slipped my mind altogether! It finally occurred to me at 2 a.m. when I awoke and was having trouble getting back to sleep. I decided not to be obsessive about it. I mean, I'm the only one who cares, and I make the rules.

My forgetfulness may be because of my upcoming trip: so many details that I'd like to have firmed up. I do not like the travel part of travel. I am trying to work on being more Zen and just looking at it as an adventure. Be still, my frantic heart.

Now I need to decide what my policy is about forgetting to post. I think the most reasonable approach is to accept that "To err—or forget—is human" and simply march onward. I'll post twice today and catch up.

When I'm in Israel, I expect I will not be able to post every day—though I will make every effort to write my entry. Even if it's short. Or just photos. I make the rules.

So here's what I would have posted yesterday if I'd remembered: In the evening I went to a performance by David's "chamber" choir, Voci. It was in the Monterey City Council chambers—which is next door to historic Colton Hall, where the state constitution was signed in 1849 and where these city-sponsored concerts usually (or used to) take place. I believe they were moved because of accessibility issues, the Colton Hall performance space being upstairs. The council chambers aren't as pleasant, either aesthetically or acoustically, but it was a good concert regardless. The director had an interesting diversity of pieces, ranging from Gregorian chant to contemporary, finishing off with Dale Evans's "Happy Trails." One of my favorites was the penultimate piece,  "Three Australian Bush Songs" by Iain Grandage (1994). The chordal textures were just beautiful. Here's a decent rendition (close your eyes: the visuals are irrelevant).

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  1. Haha. For you, this is like forgetting to brush your teeth. I love this: "Now I need to decide what my policy is about forgetting to post." And I love the travel part of travel so it is possible to love it--that moving through space, the fun of different airports, the taking off and landing, seeing how I will respond to all the different things that happen. But it's the movement I love the most. Have a wonderful trip.