Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hodgepodge 126/365 - Galleries

There's a feature on Flickr called "Galleries," where you can assemble a bunch of shots by other Flickr members under a particular theme. I just now learned that I have 68 photos in 75 galleries.

A few of my favorite galleries were put together by a friend of mine, who used to go by the moniker lol-ita on Flickr (more recently by "..." though in fact she hasn't used Flickr in years now, sadly). She has a creative eye and a fine sense of the sublime-slash-absurd. Here are all the galleries where she featured at least one photo of mine:

take me to the kittens!
aliens in our midst
for the birds
head in the clouds
something fishy
voyage dans la lune
vaguely valentine
al dente
praia ~ playa ~ plage
& toto too ;)

Check them out!

And here are the photos of mine that are featured in at least two galleries—a random assortment, to say the least.

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