Saturday, March 5, 2016

365 True Things: 342/Photography

I was actually going to write about fish today (as in, fish tank fish), but in scanning my files for a photo to accompany the post, I found nothing suitable. I did, however, stumble on some black-and-white diptychs that I'd completely forgotten about, and was sufficiently charmed that I dropped the fish idea (for now).

So for your viewing pleasure, more photography by me and my long-distance photo pal, Susan from New Jersey. These pairings arose in November 2014 when another Flickr friend, Rachel, who lives in Illinois, challenged both Susan and me to one of those never-ending five-day photography challenges on Facebook. To make it more interesting, I suggested to Susan that we do another set of diptychs.

And in case you check out the above link and see that back in June we were stuck on V in our alphabet diptych project, I will have you know that we are now stuck on W! (Susan????)

So, without further ado (in all but the first, my photo is on the right):