Friday, March 25, 2016

365 True Things: 362/Photography

The other day I wrote about a Facebook challenge I was participating in. As a rule, I don't respond to challenges. (And I try not to respond to people's stupid comments about all manner of things. Everybody's an expert—not.) But I liked the idea of this one, which was simply to splash some beauty onto FB, in the midst of all the snarkiness and opinionating and wretched news, etc.

Today was the final day, and although on the previous six days I focused on earthly beauty—in addition to water: landscapes, flowers, birds, water, and the colors of the rainbow—today I turned to human beauty: especially our awesome creativity. Because humans are wonderfully creative and inventive, and we yearn to connect and share. Our generosity is one of the things I love about our species. We're not all bad (or perhaps misguided is a better word), not by a long shot.

So here are my seven photos for today, a few of my favorite things that other people have made for me and you and all of us.

Central Park, NYC
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Frognerparken, Oslo
Green Gulch Zen Center, Marin County
Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh
Jalisco harp
Bergen, Norway

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  1. ........ wretched news. indeed. love these sparks of human spirit.