Monday, March 21, 2016

365 True Things: 358/Photography

On Facebook a friend of mine, writer BK Loren (that would be "friend" as in FB friend, since I don't really know her—but I will be taking a class with her in July, so after July I hope to be calling her a friend without quotes), has been posting seven photos a day for seven days, in a challenge that she describes thus: "post-some-pretty-pictures-you-took-because-the-news-is-frickin-ugly-right-now."

The original challenge went like this: "7 days and 7 photos you took of something beautiful in nature." I prefer the urgency of her reinterpretation. Because yeah, the news is frickin ugly—and has been, in my estimation for the last seven years, for one set of reasons (the Republicans in Congress), and before that for a few decades, for all sorts of additional reasons (including both the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress, plus a president or two and a war or two, not to mention an economic meltdown). Right now, though, I am horrified that Donald Trump is so thoroughly embraced: he is not a statesman; he is a foul-mouthed, hateful, narcissistic blowhard. Then again, all of the Republican candidates strike me as awful, and perhaps Trump is better than Cruz. But still. Every election I shake with despair at what comes out of the Republicans' mouths, and this year is the worst in my lifetime. Though granted, I don't remember the Barry Goldwater campaign.

Be that as it may, I was so inspired by BK's photos, and her call to reduce the ugliness on FB, that I decided to start my own little "post-some-pretty-pictures" challenge. The first day, it was flowers. The second day, the colors of the rainbow (doesn't get much happier than that). Today was our beautiful earth (landscape photos). Tomorrow I'm going to post seven of the following photos that feature water.

I must say, it calms me down just to do these searches and FB posts. The world will be all right, no matter what happens in November, because yes: we live in an amazingly beautiful and basically good world.

(At least, I sincerely hope we'll be all right)

Flooded Mississippi River, Davenport, IA
Anini Beach, Kauai, HI
River Leith, Edinburgh
Del Monte Beach, Monterey, CA
St. Croix River, MN
Mono Lake, CA
Mo'omomi Preserve, TNC, Molokai, HI
Niagara Falls, NY
Rotorua, North Island, NZ


  1. Love the watery connection of the world, I do!

  2. FMHNB (foul-mouthed, hateful, narcissistic blowhard)

  3. well these are beautiful....and now that november has passed - the world is NOT right!