Monday, March 28, 2016

365 True Things: 365/Farewell

My role model
I'm feeling a little wistful as I shut this project down. It's been a long and interesting run. Interesting not so much in terms of anything in particular I learned about myself, but more in terms of the physical act of writing something every day, hoping to make it readable, coherent, and somehow informative (or, yes, interesting). But also, sure, interesting in terms of what caught (or catches) my attention. I expect I could have delved more deeply into myself—but perhaps that's what will come next, and not in the public view. I could use a little soul-searching.

What do I mean by that?

Jim Harrison said, "At any point as an artist—like the universe itself—if you’re not expanding, you’re contracting." My goal as I carry on is to keep expanding, exploring, leaping, trusting, risking, trying, while always seeking my center. I'd also like to keep expanding into—and through—my fears and discomforts, my missteps and challenges. A little bit, every day.

I will keep on writing, but I'll move it to a more personal, more exploratory plane.

So thank you, my friends who have shared this journey with me. I appreciate your company more than you know!

I'll no doubt show up here now and again, and I will definitely continue with my book reports, so please don't forget about me.


  1. What a great journey this has been for me, too, as I followed along and learned more about you. I look forward to the deeper dive, as well, more reports, thoughts, essays, photos, and discoveries here. Congratulations. Well done.

  2. Hooray!!!! and BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Looking forward to reading what I haven't as of yet. Journey on wonderful woman:)

  3. Congratulations, Anne!!! You did it. What fun to read your posts and share your journey. I like forward to doodle reports : ) See you soon!

  4. bravo. .. i enjoy your writing . .and your sharing...thank you. xo