Sunday, March 13, 2016

365 True Things: 350/Photography

One of my favorite genres, if you will, of photography is night photography. I first explored it in the 1990s when I took a workshop with the wonderful Michael Kenna. He was a very kind and generous teacher, and he so inspired me and a new friend I met in the workshop, Mary, that we continued to go out and shoot at night for a couple of years after. The result for me was a portfolio as well as an article in the local newspaper on the joys of night photography.

That was all black-and-white film photography. More recently—about eight years ago—I decided to give night photography another shot, now using digital technology. I joined a workshop led by Boston-based photographer Lance Keimig and held at Mono Lake, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, with visits also to Olmsted Point in Yosemite National Park and the historic ghost town of Bodie.

Since then, I've occasionally gone out and done night work, though it's been a while. I might have to dust off my faded skills and try again. It really is a pleasure to hang out and enjoy the evening air while the open shutter allows photons to etch an image.

Here are a few of my favorite night photos.

Mission San Juan Bautista
Moss Landing
Mono Lake (not really a night shot, but it's pretty)
Mono Lake
Bodie machinery
Bodie undertaker
Santa Cruz County
Point Lobos (also not really a night shot)
Pigeon Point Lighthouse, San Mateo County
Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo

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