Tuesday, March 1, 2016

365 True Things: 338/Travel (Ecuador)

In 2010, a few weeks after I returned from Scotland, I set off for an entirely different quadrisphere: South America—specifically, Ecuador.

I went with a bunch (gaggle, flock, murder, bevy, convocation, murmuration, dissimulation) of birders, all toting top-of-the-line Swarovsky binoculars. I had a pair of Zeiss binocs. I saw lots of birds. It was all good.

And Ecuador! What a beautiful, varied, friendly place. I'd go back in an instant. In fact, we're considering just when to go again, this time flitting out to the Galápagos as part of the package.

Here are a few photos. Looking back at what I posted at the time to Flickr, I realize I'm missing a lot of the trip. Makes me curious to return to the originals and see if I can dredge up any more interesting (to me, if no one else) images.

Quito: what a beautiful city
View from our sixth-floor hotel room
Our excellent guide Gustavo (note: Swarovsky)
There was jungle mud
To view the canopy, one must climb
Squirrel monkey outside our Sacha Lodge room
Ecuador is home to over 132 species of hummingbirds
grouped into 57 genera, representing half of all
hummingbirds found worldwide.
Lophocampa modesta?
My wonderful roommate, Barbara
The equator
Cotopaxi, from the veranda of
Wildsumaco Lodge
Goodbye Quito

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  1. "Goodbye Quito" persons, places; I'd love to read this book. when's it coming out? One clarification for you.... it's a flock of birders, you saw the way they move.