Saturday, June 6, 2015

365 True Things: 70/Photography

In 2011, I started doing photographic diptych projects with a friend, Susan, whom I've known for eight or nine years via Flickr but have never met. She lives in New Jersey and is a wonderful photographer.

The first such project was the numbers 1 through 9. The second was the colors of the rainbow: ROYGBV. Both those were accomplished lickety-split, one after the other. Then we waited for a new project to emerge—and it did, a year and a half ago: the letters of the alphabet.

We've been stuck on V for months now. Not because V is hard. It's not. But because we're both busy. And for my part, distracted. For me, without a photo-a-day project, I simply forget to take pictures. But: I do have a V in mind. I just need to go out with my camera and do it.

So here, I'll share the rainbow, for your visual pleasure:

It's been fun working together across the miles—though one of these days, I hope we can work together in the flesh. Hm, I just got an idea for our next project: going out and shooting the very same subject, but working from each of our separate sensibilities, and with our own different camera equipment. Maybe at Grounds for Sculpture—and then somewhere here in California as well. Are you listening, Susan?


  1. CAN YOU "feel" ME SMILING? - and it came at such a good time.. thank you .. i do have V ... i think ill send it to you today ... it wasn't what I thought I would send but ... love you anne!! xo

  2. I love your V! And... what about the next project, hm? Assuming we manage to finish this silly alphabet challenge.

    I'd love to go out photographing with you in the flesh.