Monday, June 22, 2015

365 True Things: 86/Illness (6/22/15)

Forty-five days ago I wrote about being sick: a cold. Well, today I have a cold again.

The good news is, almost everyone else in our party of nine—and quite a few others who attended the wedding over the weekend (including, a week and a half ago, the bride and groom themselves: this thing has been going around, and around, and around)—has had a nasty intestinal flulike illness.

I've been waiting for that to hit me, but so far, so good. My sister-in-law also seems to be skating home free.

So I won't complain about a little cold.

I'd be happier if I could buy some cold medicine, but apparently you can only get that at an apotek, and the closest one is 45 minutes away. So I'll be tough like a Norwegian.

And hope that this is the last cold I get this year . . .

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