Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hodgepodge 84/365 - Women's March on Washington

Today was the long-awaited day, and it did not disappoint. First we had to wait as packed train after packed train (all filled with pink) arrived at the Metro station. I finally said, what the hell, and stepped on. None of my group followed me. So there I was, on my way—hoping I'd find my people again. Our plan was to meet at L'Enfant Plaza, near the start of the march, but then the driver announced that that and the next station were being bypassed: no room for more people. So I got off at the Smithsonian and started walking. When I arrived at the entrance to the Hirshhorn, the crowd was starting to back up (that's about five blocks from the rally stage), so I figured it was a good place to stop—and my friends would know where to find me.

And they did! (Okay, a text message helped. And yesterday's visit to the Hirshhorn came in awfully handy by way of bearings.)

And so the long day began. I won't go into details (some of those I can post in photos, though I didn't take many—for reasons not worth going into here). But it was great to see so many positive, creative signs covering so many issues; to witness the unifying sea of pink pussyhats; to hear longtime heroes Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis, in person (omg!); and it gave a good reason to YELL a lot, and CHEER, and enjoy righteous anger and fierce resistance en masse. My favorite slogans were the call-and-response, Tell me what democracy looks like? THIS is what democracy looks like! And Trump, Trump, we're here to stay! How are you liking your first day? And oh—just that moving sea of humanity! We are the people! We care about our country, our countrywomen, countrymen. We will not be silent or silenced!

Here's a couple of photos from the New York Times. I didn't even realize until I saw the lower one that the Mall was full of people too. We were on Independence Avenue, which itself was packed. So, wow! I'm eager to learn how many they estimate were there. More than at the inauguration, without a doubt. No matter what DJT might say about the issue.

THIS is what democracy looks like!

And at the end of the day, the Metro people just opening up the gates for free rides, and the security shouting, "Thank you, ladies!" as we poured down the escalator onto the platform. Our efforts were widely appreciated. And my pink hat (thanks to Kim Steutermann Rogers) is now a badge of honor. For sure! I will wear it often and proudly.


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    1. gawd, no option to edit posts? how can an editor not edit posts? (original post deleted to enable me to put square brackets [instead of parens ; )] inside parens.

  2. Hey Anne!--so happy that you were there! In Oakland BART also bypassed Lake Merritt station, where the starting rally was held, because of crowding... it wasn't a long walk from 12th St BART, but we couldn't get anywhere near the opening rally (ditto the closing rally at Frank Ogawa [aka Oscar Grant] Plaza].) I love the slogan "Trump, Trump, we're here to stay! How are you liking your first day?" ; )) (which sure beats the "hey hey, ho ho" variants I heard)... but the burning question is: what did your sign say?

  3. it was an epic day I shall never forget.