Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hodgepodge 67/365 - Tassajara Zen Center

Today will be another photo post, since I can't think of anything in particular to write about. Scrolling through my Flickr albums, I found one called "Places of Spiritual Refuge." All of the photos in it, so far, pertain to three places: Green Gulch in Marin County (a property of the San Francisco Zen Center), which I wrote about here and here; Mt. Madonna Center, associated with the Hanuman Fellowship founded in Yoga; and Tassajara (also San Francisco Zen Center), which I wrote about here and here

And of course, I may well add new photos to the album in March and April, when I'm in Israel and Italy. Assuming I remember to post to Flickr. I've gotten pretty bad about that lately . . .

Anyway, if you want something to read, go check out the past posts I link to above. Today, it'll just be photos. (And as always, click on the photos to view them large and on black.)

Look at the far end of the left-hand bench.

It moves around. Here it is on the far end of the right-hand bench.

Now it's in at the near side. Soon it will be in the Zendo.


These tools keep the Zendo tidy.

When you go to the Zendo toilet, you can bow to this niche.

See if you can spot the context for this one further on.

If you go back to the first picture,
you will see this guy in the lower right corner.

Zendo entrance verandah


There must have been a new tenken master, because
these instructions are not usually there.

Even the woodpile gets a little Buddha.

Guests' napkins.

Residents' mugs.

The kitchen.

The week's menus for guest meals.


Swimming pool: the hillside had burned right
down to the pool area the year before.

The Narrows: swimming au naturel.

Entrance to the bathhouse (hot spring fed):
women to the right, men to the left.

The garden.

Many lovely places to sit and . . . well . . . just sit. Isn't that enough?
Mary's arm; our yurt curtain; soft light.
A haiku.

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