Monday, January 9, 2017

Hodgepodge 72/365 - Mt. Madonna

Last week I posted some photos from my "Places of Spiritual Refuge" album on Flickr. Tonight, part 2: Mt. Madonna Center, where I went for a women's retreat a few years ago, at the end of May. The retreat was fine—all about finding our "genuine selves." But what sticks with me is the beauty of the place. I'd go back, just to go back. I wonder if they take non-retreat-going guests. (As always, click on the photos to see them large on black.)

I'm the "genuine self" in the very bottom right.
The view from my cabin at Mt. Madonna, looking across the road.
On my first morning there, the trees were raining from the heavy fog,
big ploppy drops. That afternoon I took a walk into this forest and found
a platform swing hanging from an oak tree and spent a glorious
20 minutes or so lying on my back, swaying comfortably,
looking at the sky filled with trees.
Flowers are splashed all over Mt. Madonna, all of them home grown,
I would imagine. The poster in the background is calming,
to go with the yogic peacefulness of the place.
Ayurvedic green soap in a green-themed shower.
(It was not a very good shower, but I liked the soap.)
The view from our seminar room on a foggy morning.
Woke up to a drippy white morning, just beautiful. On my way
up to breakfast I enjoyed watching a pair of turkey hens,
and soon Mr. Turkey came along and showed me his tail—
but he politely declined the opportunity to be photographed.

One of various statues leading the way to the temple
at Mt. Madonna yoga retreat center

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