Wednesday, January 27, 2016

365 True Things: 304/Photography (Bosque del Apache)

Hard to see, but yes, cranes!
I spent the morning in Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, reconnoitering. At one point I found myself with a few dozen greater sandhill cranes off to my left and a few thousand snow and Ross's geese off to my right. They were all making a mighty racket. Sometimes a few would swoop up into the air and circle around, then settle back down. As I walked out the gravel trail to an overlook and sensed the commotion, my heart starting singing with joy. You know that feeling, right? Where you're just delighted to be alive in that very place at that very time? That was the way it was this morning.

I kicked myself for leaving my serious camera in the car, but then I forgave myself. Maybe it was all part of the plan. With the serious camera, I might not have just stood at the overlook marveling at the ruckus and the beauty of the landscape and closed my eyes to listen. I might have been less aware of the heart beating gladly in my chest.

Bob, Melony, Bill
In the afternoon, I met up with three photographers I know from the Hui Ho'olana, a creative place and space on the island of Molokai. We toured a different refuge—saw a gazillion cranes there—then headed back to the Bosque. Although the bird show was off in the distance, the light was spectacular, and we had a good time taking shots and enjoying one another's company.

I've always wanted to come to the Bosque, even though I didn't exactly know what I meant when I said that. Now I know. It's a spectacularly beautiful place.

This and the next shot are the same trees: look how the light changes them!

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