Monday, January 18, 2016

365 True Things: 295/Milo

Two-toned Milo: yes, he loves the mud
Milo is a wonderdog partly because he's Teflon coated: if he gets dirty, once he's dry, the dirt just falls off. (Onto our hardwood floors, but that's another story.) He doesn't get that "doggy smell." He doesn't shed, either, which is wonderful. (The cats, in contrast . . .)

He does, however, get disheveled and, sadly, matted. So every couple of months, I take him to the groomer for a shampoo and a trim, a tooth brushing and a nail grinding.

Today was that day.

His normal, fulsome tail
In the past, the groomer has been able to deal with the matting pretty well, but alas, not today: she called and said his tail needed to be shaved. Now, he has a beautiful feathery brush of a tail—when it's not matted. But . . . sometimes drastic measures are needed. So I told her to go ahead. She said she'd give him a lion's tail.

Fortunately—and in this, we humans could take a lesson—he doesn't care! I bet he feels better having been washed and trimmed. And the tail will (we humans, at least, hope!) grow back.

He's hiding the fluffy lion bit at the very end.
The cat, meanwhile, thinks, "Hmph, still looks like a dog to me!"
And now, once again, we resolve to be more diligent about brushing and combing. Though . . . he's a poodle (mostly). You don't brush and comb poodles. But maybe you have to brush and comb doodle tails. We'll try to be better about that. . . . No more lion king if we can help it.

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