Tuesday, November 24, 2015

365 True Things: 240/Schedule

Back in May, I wrote about Ben Franklin's schedule, which I adore for its simplicity. And then in August I explored Kurt Vonnegut's and Henry Miller's schedules, which I find more amusing than anything else. But also, yeah, instructive. Pretty much anyone who finds solutions to the nebulousness of time and the challenge of getting things done has something to teach me, I reckon.

So, I'm back thinking about schedules again today, as winter sets in, and hopefully lots of rainy days come along, and I stick more closely to my studio and try to get good solid work done.

I've been doing pretty well lately. For one thing, I've been getting up relatively early. Not Ben Franklin early, or even Kurt Vonnegut early, but Anne Canright early for sure. After feeding the critters and making coffee, I've succeeded in tackling my "15" right away, which, as I mentioned the other day, is one of two things I promise myself I must get done each day.

But here's what I realized today: if it's something I must do (and something that, in fact, is a pleasure to do), it will get done. I don't need to tackle it first thing. In fact, if I do my 15 later in the day, after a morning of creative work (or struggle, as the case may be), I might have more to say, or ruminate on, than if I do it first thing.

So that opens up a whole new first-thing-in-the-morning slot! And I've been trying to think what to slip in there.

For some reason, meditation, though I keep saying I'd like to do it regularly, eludes me. So . . . maybe I'll try that first thing.

And I have plenty of culling, straightening, unpacking, simplifying, and, alas, even cleaning that I need to do, generally speaking, so after meditation (and breakfast), I'll give that my attention—tackle my office and get it organized, or perhaps clean a room in the house, or unpack some boxes in the garage, or arrange a shelf in the gear room—for however long I have before my 9:30 howler. At which point, I will be ready to get a couple hours of work done. After the howler (which I am free to extend beyond the official hour and a half)—that's when I'll do my 15.

Then some exercise. Which also eludes me. So there may be a bit of experimentation with that first-thing slot. Because arguably, exercise is more important than meditation, if only by a hair.

And for the afternoon: work-work. Until no work-work is left in my life, which should be, oh, early February. At which point I'll need to address my schedule all over again, because my free time will virtually double.

But for now? I'm going to try this schedule on for size. Tweak it as needed. I will no doubt be reporting back in a month or two. If not sooner. My schedule, my time, my creative life: a work in progress.

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  1. I love reading about and talking about and playing around with schedules... Good luck with this one. And happy thanksgiving!