Thursday, November 26, 2015

365 True Things: 242/Order

The other day I decided to spend a little time every day putting some order and/or cleanliness in my life. It doesn't have to be much time —whatever is available between meditating and howling, was my decision. Which means I don't need to clean an entire closet or unpack all the boxes of books in the garage in one go. Whatever gets done in whatever time I have will be a step forward.

This decision was spurred in part by the disappearance of my housecleaner, Kathy. She's come every other week for the last year and a half or so and done a fine job of meeting my minimal expectations: clean floors and counters, scrubbed shower and toilets. But the last time I saw her was two months ago. She was heading to Texas to visit her boyfriend, and I expected her back in a couple of weeks (I'm not sure why: I don't think she ever actually said when, or even if, she was coming back).

But then she stayed away. I tried to call, but her phone was disconnected. 

Reluctant to give up hope that she would, eventually, return, I put very little effort into upkeep myself. One good vacuuming a couple of weeks ago, a half-hearted effort or two in the master bath.

But I've now accepted reality.

My belief about myself is that I don't like to clean. But in fact, as long as I allow time, I rather enjoy restoring order and shine. Today, for example, I tackled the kitchen counters, which had accumulated all sorts of stuff: plants, water bottles, cookbooks, small appliances, random pieces of mail and magazines, scattered bits of cat kibble (because until today, the cats ate on the counter, to keep their food safe from the dog, who would much rather eat cat food than his food, go figure). I tossed stuff; I trimmed and watered the plants; I stowed things in the garage or the pantry. Bit by bit, the counter was unearthed. And then it got a good scrubbing, until it gleamed! Same for the stove.

I know, this isn't a big deal. Most people are good about keeping their kitchens clean and orderly. And from now on—now that I won't be expecting the miracle of a housecleaner to do it for me—I'll be better too. I swear.

Meanwhile, it's Thanksgiving! As I type, a very small turkey is roasting, and I hear the clank of pans as David sorts out the vegetables. Soon I'll make the stuffing I mentioned yesterday.

This morning I woke up thinking I'd take pictures of all the things I'm thankful for, and I got off to a good start: my full refrigerator, a lovely oak tree we visited on a short hike (graced by a glass mushroom), a steaming cup of coffee. But of course, there's so much I can't take pictures of, like my friends scattered far and wide, my good health, and other abstractions that I'm most grateful for. But back to concrete—here are four things I'm especially grateful for, because they fill my life in all sorts of good ways (and yes, these shots are from today):

David commented, "So I'm just one of the animals,"
when he saw this. I told him, no, I put you in the
place of honor. Saving best for last.


  1. haha, David! ... happy happy blessings!

  2. Catching up on my reading - LOVE, love this! Nice touch - David, the best for last. Hugs to you both! May your happy blessings endure all ; )