Thursday, November 12, 2015

365 True Things: 228/Slides

I've been taking photographs for fifty years, not always religiously, or even regularly, but still: considering fifty years ago, and for decades running, the best photographic medium was transparencies (slides), you can probably guess that I've taken a shitload of slides—right up until my digital conversion, maybe ten years ago. (At which point I went batshitcrazy taking pictures for a number of years—so yeah, sigh: all those digital negatives requiring curating. Wherever they are.)

I have over the years occasionally sat down with a good Nikon slide scanner and scanned some of my better photos. The scanner, unfortunately, only syncs with a retired Mac OS—for which purpose specifically I've kept my old MacBook, with its completely unsupported OS. But do I have time to sit down and scan slides anymore? Not hardly.

I know there are services out there that will probably do a better job than I can. Maybe one of these weeks I'll devote a good chunk of time to viewing all my slides and selecting out the very, very best, then send them off for professional scanning.

Or maybe I'll just throw all those slides away.

No, I really can't bear that thought.

Maybe I'll just keep them hanging around collecting dust.

Ah, stuff and memories. Such a burden, sometimes.

In any case, here's a (very small) gallery of some of the slides I've succeeded in scanning.

Lake District, 2003

Petrified Forest, AZ

Leh, Ladakh, 2004

Folldal, Norway, early 2000s

Shenzhen, China, 1982

Paris, early 1990s

Denali, 2003

Namibia, 2001

Paris, Le Louvre, early 1990s

Lake District, 2003

Ladakh, 2004

Welwitschia mirabilis, Skeleton Coast, Namibia, 2001

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  1. loved viewing these.. and slides were / are incredible .. nothing like analog photography in my opinion