Saturday, November 28, 2015

365 True Things: 244/Winning

I never win anything. Well, once, back in 1982, in a walnut-paneled Hong Kong pub on a rainy night, I won a glass Carlsbad beer mug in a drawing, which we dutifully shlepped all through Japan for the next two and a half months. It eventually broke.

I'm sure I must have won other things over the years, in similar drawings or raffles, but nothing noteworthy. At least nothing that I remember as noteworthy. Just that Carlsbad beer mug. (And truth be told, it might have been David who actually had the winning ticket.)

David, in contrast, keeps winning things, and good things to boot: he won tickets to see the Rolling Stones in an NRDC give-away; he won a nice motorcycle jacket and a watch in silent auctions; he won ballroom dance lessons, which we still haven't used. In fact, I think I cleverly lost that piece of paper while we were packing for our move. Surely it's expired by now.

But today, my luck turned! I received notice from a Canadian wildlife photographer, Colleen Gara, that I am the lucky winner of a beautiful print of hers called Raven Love. All I did for the honor was share her FB page announcing the giveaway, plus I commented: "Gorgeous. Ravens are magnificent." I was one of 105 who shared, and 63 who commented, so yes, there was some competition. I didn't think I'd win because, you know, I never win anything. I just really admired the photo.

So I'm pleased as punch. Do you think this is a sign? Should I start buying scratchers?

Or should I just be glad that I will soon have a beautiful image to hang on the wall? I already know the spot: above my writing desk, where I can look up and see it often.

I do love ravens. They really are magnificent birds.