Wednesday, December 23, 2015

365 True Things: 269/Doctor

It had been three-plus years since I had a checkup, so I figured it was time.

Nothing has changed. I weighed today exactly what I weighed three years ago (134, fully clothed); my blood pressure was pretty much the same (132/68); no aches or pains to speak of; all the funny spots on my skin are perfectly normal for my age. But yes, I've gotten the letter from my colonoscopist saying it's been ten years since the fifty baseline screening (how can that be?); and yes, a mammogram is important: I have far too many friends who have battled breast cancer, not to mention the fact that my aunt—my father's sister, whom I never met—died of that disease, not to be respectfully careful.

My doctor, who is actually a PA, Barbara Trask, is brusquely caring, and we both agreed that "unremarkable" is exactly what I want to be when it comes to my annual (or triannual, as the case may be) checkup. She reminded me to drink more water ("the fountain of youth") and take vitamin D supplements. As she said, I'm young! And we want to keep me that way for another thirty years!

So, pending now just the bloodwork, mammogram, and (sigh) colonoscopy, I guess I'm good for another year or two or three.

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