Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hodgepodge 113/365 - Fish

We went out to dinner tonight. I very often get fish when we eat out. When I asked where the salmon was from, the waiter said it was farm raised—which means Atlantic salmon. Okay, never mind. The sand dabs were described as fresh. I went with the sand dabs. They were good. I like sand dabs. I never cook sand dabs myself because Safeway doesn't sell them. Perhaps I should find a local purveyor of sand dabs—what a concept!

That said, my favorite fish is without a doubt Copper River sockeye salmon (and that we do get, these days "previously frozen," at Safeway). I remember well the first time I had sockeye—fresh! It was in Seattle, after finishing a writing conference. Both the conference and the fish were life-changing. If I ever get in really bad trouble and am on death row and they offer me my last meal, it would be sockeye, a baked yam, and . . . hm, favorite green vegetable . . . well, right at the moment, I'd say sauteed spinach with garlic. Or chard. But ask me again when the time comes, I might think different. The sockeye for sure, though.

(Yet as David points out, they would probably just translate that to Frozen Fish Sticks, and it's not like I could complain. Maybe I'd better just stay off of death row. Okay.)

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