Monday, February 13, 2017

Hodgepodge 107/365 - Berta Santos Pinet, Artist

The other day I "liked" a post on Facebook that featured some really cool photos by one William Mintz, "a photographer, artist, wanderer, and blogger." Here they are:

Okay, what I especially enjoyed was the collage

The poster had been "assigned" Mintz as an artist to learn more about. It was one of those FB games. But I liked the game, and my "like" on her post made me a player.

Here is what I proceeded to post in response, the wording being boilerplate--I copied hers, then adjusted for my situation:
The idea is to occupy Facebook with art. Whoever likes this post will be given an artist and is encouraged to post with a piece of art by that artist, together with this text. I was given Berta Santos Pinet, a Barcelona artist unknown to me. Thanks, Paula Marie Gourley! I like the way she connects and replicates--her art reminds me of fireworks, coral, community, and also of Japanese kimono, ice crystals, continents.
And here are the artworks:

I am delighted to have discovered Berta Santos Pinet. And since then, I've discovered some other really interesting artists as I've sent FB friends on quests of their own. What a fun game! And beautiful to boot.

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