Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hodgepodge 112/365 - Cheaters (as in, Spectacles)

I, like everyone who uses reading glasses, keep losing them. I had two pair just yesterday, but today? I think they've must've run off to Rio together.

So while we were at the hardware store today getting lightbulbs, I spotted a rack of cheaters and picked out two new pair, complete with little cases: +1.50 and +1.75. Different strengths for no real reason—to experiment, I guess.

I can read without them. It's just easier with. Especially teeny type in dim light. Well, okay, teeny type in dim light, forget it: I need the glasses. But for regular sitting on the couch in decent light reading a book, I don't.

So for today, here's a little gallery of photos I've taken over the years of other pairs of reading glasses (most taken while proofreading or editing) that have similarly run off to Rio. They must be having a wonderful time down there, assuming they all found each other!

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Here, I was editing a memoir by jazz trumpeter Clark Terry,
then 90 (he has since passed away). As I noted of this photo:
"Not at all literary—just fun! I think he recorded the chapters
on a voice recorder, so it's got a lively, spoken quality. A nice
change of pace, compared to my usual editing jobs."
The book was on the wines of California.

The book was about detainees at Guantánamo and in Afghanistan.
I remember it not at all.
An article about sharks—
not very good, my original caption tells me . . .
No recollection what this book was about.
And reading an actual published book, Ben Fountains's
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, for pleasure!


  1. Interesting that you have a collection of photos of cheaters!

    1. I take pictures of anything! And a couple of these represent the same pair of cheaters.