Tuesday, September 22, 2015

365 True Things: 177/Asilomar

This afternoon Milo, David, and I went to one of my favorite places for a walk: the Asilomar State Beach boardwalk.

Over the years, I have walked there frequently with my good friend Annie, as part of a nice loop along the shore then through the piney woods. Those days, however, seem to be over: she has bad arthritis in her ankle and must be very careful about how she uses up each day's steps, as she puts it. That makes me sad, partly because we always had such good talks while we walked. We've proposed getting together for coffee and Danishes instead, and learning how to talk while sitting down, but we haven't done it yet. I hope we will, and that it becomes a new pleasure to look forward to.

In any case, today was a lovely day at Asilomar: cool, overcast, not very crowded. Sunny days are lovely there too. So are light-rainy ones. Foggy ones. You pretty much can't not feel refreshed from a visit to Asilomar, no matter what the weather. But I confess, I do enjoy days like today, when you can walk in solitude and contemplation, slow down and breathe a little more deeply. Always a good thing to remember to do.

Here are some photos of Asilomar from various past visits.

Barry Marshall, artist

Storm damage, 2008

Acceptable graffiti

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