Thursday, September 3, 2015

365 True Things: 158/Bridges

I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge today. I feel lucky to live in a place where, on occasion, I get to do that. Especially now that the toll booths have been decommissioned and it's all FasTrak. What a great system.

I'm also glad I don't have to drive over it regularly: it's a rare enough treat that it always feels special.

It's a beautiful bridge, historic, symbolic. I feel like part of a bigger world when I interact with a "landmark" like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Unfortunately, the only photo I find of it in my files is a blah one ☝︎. As in, not one of those gorgeous shots of fog wafting over the looming blood-orange towers glinting with golden sunlight that so many other people have taken. (Google "golden gate bridge fog / images" and you get the choice of sunrise, sunset, moon, and more—with hundreds, if not thousands, of ravishing images at your fingertips. Though not, I'm a little surprised to say, the one I am envisioning.)

But never mind: while driving over the bridge this morning I decided that today I would post a few photos—that I, unprofessional me, have taken—of bridges I have known, large and small. And leave it at that. I've babbled enough the past few days. It's time for a little silence and the simple beauty of place and connection.

On our Costa Rica Traverse: bicycle, foot, raft, and kayak
— from the Pacific to the Caribbean. Awesome adventure.
Tower Bridge, London

Central Park, NYC

Cheakamus River Bridge, British Columbia

Brooklyn Bridge: a lifetime goal to walk over that one

Hanapepe swinging bridge, Kauai
Bay Bridge, San Francisco

Rebuilding the Bay Bridge, San Francisco

Sundial Bridge, Redding, CA

Boulder Creek, Colorado

Garzas Creek (my most frequented bridge by far)

Boronda Bridge over Carmel River: Where Doc and the boys went hunting frogs

Bixby Bridge: after a suicide
Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls

Silver Bridge (left); Black Bridge (right), Grand Canyon:
Black Bridge is the only bridge the mules will cross the Colorado on

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  1. love the bridges - and im impressed ( and envious ) how organized you are to be able to find and post all these images!