Monday, September 21, 2015

365 True Things: 176/Work

I am slowly slogging through an editing job: a textbook on Judaism. I just reread my post from August 10 when I had grand plans of doing my own work in the morning and editing this book (and then another one due in in a few weeks) in the afternoon.

Ha ha, very funny.

I have been doing none of my own work—I'm not sure at this point I could even say what "my own work" is. Instead I edit, then take a mind- numbing computer-game break, then edit, then break, then edit, then go for an afternoon walk with the dog and husband, then edit, then eat dinner (thank you, dear husband, for cooking), then do my blog. That's today, anyway. (And next up: another episode of season 2 of The Killing. I used to read, but anymore, TV is just the right amount of stimulation for my poor tired brain.)

I should just retire. But getting those occasional checks in the mail—which might well sponsor me on a walkabout in Tasmania pretty soon, for example—is darn nice.

It's also good to feel self-sufficient. Even if "my money" all goes into the vacation fund—since we have always had a single account. No his and hers for us. Maybe that's old-fashioned, but it's worked so far. (And granted: if I had to support myself? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!)

David makes a fine income. We don't need my paltry paychecks.

Believe me, freelance editing can't exactly support a family of five. Especially given what three of this family spend at the pet store. Yoiks! The animals eat better than I would if I had to support myself (see mirth above).

Yesterday at my writing group I was, however, momentarily guilted into at least thinking about doing "my work" for an hour a day. That should be possible, right?

You'd think.

It didn't happen today, though.

Do you believe it's possible for me to substitute "my work" for mind-numbing computer games?  Do you? If so, give me some pointers.

As for tomorrow: it'll be transcribing some interviews, taping a new interview, and editing more Judaism. I'm going to try very hard to stay away from the computer games, however.

Fingers crossed.

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