Wednesday, September 16, 2015

365 True Things: 171/Blahs

Every so often I have one of those blah days. Today was one. I dragged myself to work at my editing. I dragged myself to eat lunch. I never managed to drag myself to the pet store to buy more dog kibble—so tomorrow I must.

The one highlight of the day was a walk on one of our favorite trails: an easy one, by the Carmel River (which at the moment is virtually empty of water). It is certainly one of Milo's favorite trails, especially when there is water. He enjoys dashing down the steep bank from the trail and plunging into the river, then back up, then back down, then back up—et cetera. He is a joy to behold.

Today, we didn't make it as far as his swimming hole, so he didn't get to get wet. But he seemed to have a good time regardless, thanks to an abundance of dog butts to sniff. Simple pleasures.

I did not have to drag myself to the trail: I actually figured it might improve my spirits. And it did.

Yay for beautiful trails on beautiful days.

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  1. yes, the trail looks so inviting and love the shadows