Tuesday, May 26, 2015

365 True Things: 59/Babar

Où est Babar?

A few years ago I did a photo project that featured a small Babar I picked up at CDG (Paris). I'd take him somewhere and snap a picture, then tell a little story about our adventure, complete with a caption in bad French. Here's a sampling. I'm thinking I should pick up the project again. It was fun.

Dans la gueule du lion
Babar very bravely decided to enter the lion's mouth. See him puffing out his chest? He's quite the proud elephant.  

Des nouveaux amis
Babar enjoyed meeting Ruby and Precious today (he already knew Milo, of course)—and felt relatively secure watching them from a safe distance. Even though he has tusks, he doesn't entirely trust all those flashing white teeth.

Parmis les clefs
Babar snuck into my luggage! I just discovered him! He begged me to put him back into action, and so here we go: the out-the-door shelf in our Oslo apartment. Tomorrow we'll go visit the Viking ships. Maybe he'll get to realize his dream of being a Viking warrior at last.

En cherchant puissance
Babar said, "Enough sitting around—let's go lift some trees!" I suggested the gym as an alternative. He liked the gym, though if you ask me, he spent rather more time admiring himself in the mirrors than actually lifting anything....

Entre le moutard et le catsup

We took a side trip to Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park, and stopped for lunch at the village. Babar was a little disappointed that I didn't take him on the trail to see the giant sequoias: as he pointed out, he would have looked REALLY tiny next to one of those. So I took him to the restaurant, which pleased him, and promised him he'll get a picture with a giant sequoia the next time we visit a grove.

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  1. Oh no, not the scary lion!!!
    I love this project.