Tuesday, May 19, 2015

365 True Things: 52/Adventure

I wouldn't call myself especially adventurous, though I suppose most people would say that's preposterous. After all, I've gone dog-sledding in Alaska, hiked around Mont Blanc, trekked through the Himalaya, traveled on my own power from the Pacific to the Caribbean in Costa Rica (foot, bike, raft, and kayak), and walked Scotland's West Highland Way. I've traveled solo abroad. I've climbed Yosemite's Half Dome via the easy rock route, Snake Dike (5.7); attempted to summit both Mt. Rainier and Denali; and considered an El Cap big wall route, Lurking Fear. I volunteer in Search & Rescue. I survived a remodel. And yes, those have been (even if just in the dreaming stages) quite some adventures. Even if many of them were guided.

But lately, I've been feeling the opposite of adventurous. Even the idea of a road trip—and I love road trips‐doesn't entice me. Where would I go?

So the other day I issued a call on Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to go on an adventure with me. I got a few responses: whale watching; stand-up paddleboarding; hiking.

Capt. Kate Spencer, Fast Raft
Today I followed up on the whale-watching suggestion, a trip with Mexican researchers hoping to record humpback whale sounds in Monterey Bay. It was a calm morning on the water, and we had an enjoyable time chasing after several pods of humpbacks, each group ranging in number from two to six. A large swarm of long-beaked common dolphins kept swirling by, to delight us. It is always so refreshing to get the view of land from the water: reminds you that a shift in perspective can energize.

It was great. But . . . it didn't feel like an adventure.

I'm now rethinking what it was I was feeling the other day when I asked if anyone was up for an adventure.

I think I need an adventure. But maybe first I need to figure out just what I mean by that.

I suspect it has something to do with limits. My limits.

Tell me: what is your idea of an adventure? Would you like to go on an adventure with me?