Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hodgepodge 273/365 - Milo! Again!

I've written about Milo a few times on this blog: here (as a puppy), here, here, and here (with David). Here's another installment—mostly photos, because you can't really get too many photos of the amazing Milo. Right?

Today we went to the annual Naval Postgraduate School Math Department pig roast. It was fun to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen in years, and to meet a few new folks.

Including Cody, the labradoodle. Cody gave us dog lovers permission to babble about our wonderful dogs.

I'm just going to take this opportunity to share some more pictures of my beloved goldendoodle. He'll turn seven this year. I fully hope he'll be with us another seven years, but the sad fact is, dogs don't live very long. We invest so much love in these rather temporary creatures. It's astonishing, what our hearts are willing to do.

Maria, who has an eight-year-old Irish terrier named Finabula, mentioned wanting to get a second dog, both as company for F and, frankly, for continuity. She's considered doodles, but they're expensive.

I have thought the same thing. Even though I'm very much in denial about Milo ever not being in our house, cheering us up and making us laugh. (He's a very funny fellow.)

I do love that dog.

Anyway, here's those pictures, more or less randomly selected (I have a huge treasure trove to choose from). Some may be repeats from the above-listed posts, but that's okay. Right?


  1. Holy cow. I remember when you were awaiting Milo! It seems like five minutes ago. And those red booties? Love!

  2. This collection of photos is like the sappy"new love" montage in a romantic comedy, and it has worked the same magic on me: I am head over heels for Milo. (From a photography perspective, I see how much easier it is to shoot good pet photos when the pet doesn't have to be on a leash outside. Of course, it also helps to be an excellent photographer!)