Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hodgepodge 250/365 - Funk

Funk is one genre of music I really do not care for. Most reggae either. Or straight-up country-western.

In German, Funk (pronounced foonk) means radio. It also means a spark.

The English adjective funky, meaning having a strong odor, probably comes from the Latin fumigare, to smoke.

Today, I have been in a bit of a funk—feeling blah and unmotivated. This word was first identified as Oxford slang from the mid–eighteenth century, probably from the Scottish and Northern English verb funk, to become afraid, shrink through fear, fail through panic, of unknown origin but perhaps from Flemish fonck, perturbation, agitation, or distress, which in turn may be related to Old French funicle, wild, mad. I do not feel wild or mad; I don't feel especially distressed or agitated, either. I mostly just feel . . . blah.

I am going to treat my funk with some cornmeal-crust quattro formaggio pizza and ginger ale, a little reading, and when it gets dark, some TV. Tomorrow's a new day. I expect it will be a better one.

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