Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hodgepodge 239/365 - Afternoon Outing

Thanks to
(Nature Photography by Pam & Richard)
for the cute shot of the cute chicks
We took the afternoon off to do a little geocaching, heading north to Moss Landing and beyond. This took us to strawberry and artichoke fields; the tidal estuary that is Elkhorn Slough, where we saw lounging harbor seals and cavorting sea otters, dabbling long-billed curlews and marbled godwits, and divebombing Caspian terns; and the ocean, where we saw whale spouts (humpbacks, I'm guessing). It was a glorious afternoon! (We did not find all the caches we were looking for, but that's par for the course. What counts is, we got out and looked—and we found some of them, and that's always good. And at one of the DNF locales, we saw the darlingest little baby Western gulls, looking like clowns with their downy spots—so, definitely a win on the cute front!)

Here's some photos I took today.

Pajaro River: the northern border of Monterey County
Strawberry fields (taken at same spot as above photo,
but looking in the opposite direction)
Moss Landing sand spit with lounging harbor seals (and gulls)
Moss Landing power plant and Eklhorn Slough outlet
You probably can't see the whale spout, but it's there
The stacks reminded me that I should work on my project
Elkhorn Slough looking inland
Salt flat
Fierce mama (the chicks are on the right)


  1. I want to go to Elkhorn Slough with you some time!

  2. Yeah! We can rent kayaks and paddle into the pickleweed canals!