Monday, June 12, 2017

Hodgepodge 226/365 - My World

Here are the countries I've visited (not including a few—Aden [now Yemen], Fiji, Portugal, for example—where I physically was but I totally don't remember, because I was, like, two, or maybe three):

I've got some filling in to do!

Top of the list at the moment: Spain and Portugal (yeah, I'd like to be able to claim Portugal); Vietnam (another place I've been, but only in the airport, during the war—a little freaky, yeah; it'd be nice to visit what I understand is a beautiful and friendly country under less trying, and more temporally capacious, circumstances); Slovenia (I understand the hiking there is out of this world); Brazil (the Pantanal); Madagascar and Mozambique.

For starters.

And I'm running out of time, so I'd best start planning a trip or two. Vietnam with the Sierra Club is currently on my radar, for next March.

+       +       +       +       +

6/17 addendum: David and I just sat down with blank index cards—the task: to list the ten places we'd like to go (before we die). I expanded mine to fifteen, maybe sixteen. Here's the collated list of places we'd both like to go:

Tasmania/Australia (esp. Western Australia for me)
Slovenia/Dolomites/ Prague
South Africa/Madagascar (and maybe Mozambique)
the Pantanal (Brazil)

I would also like to go to the Iberian Peninsula, Quebec/Montreal/Newfoundland, Costa Rica (again), and Tahiti. And as I mentioned above, Vietnam.

We've got our work cut out for us. Let the good times roll!

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