Monday, June 19, 2017

Hodgepodge 233/365 - T-shirts

My brother-in-law Bruce has t-shirts that date back to . . . oh, way back. He doesn't wear the special ones often. He keeps them (I may be imagining this) on a special shelf, of special t's. And when the occasion is right, he wears one. He's worn a few very special ones on his visits out here to us from Ohio. I always appreciate the sentiment, very much. (Once, long ago, Bruce gave David a special t-shirt that says, "Ask me about Harry Partch," in honor of a composer David admires. He doesn't wear it much, but he says it lives on his special t-shirt shelf—always ready to be trotted out.)

Me, I have a few t-shirts that are perhaps not quite so hallowed, but: I like 'em. There's the confused coyote from New Mexico; the humuhumunuknukuapua'a Red Dirt shirt from Kauai; the SAREX 2013 shirt; a "Harmony of Difference & Equality" shirt from Tassajara Zen Center; and my "Ut på tur / aldri sur" shirt from Norway (sort of the equivalent of "Not all who wander are lost," which was a favorite shirt until it wore out). They remind me of a place, a time, particular company. It's definitely hard for me to get rid of them. Ah, sentimentality.

We've been watching a couple of TV shows lately that feature t-shirts—with no sentimentality. Just humor. The Big Bang Theory, of course. And the British show The IT Crowd. 

I just trolled Google and came up with a rainbow of Big Bang shirts.

But for starters, here's a shirt from The IT Crowd that we just this evening saw, and I wondered what the middle purple said. It's not very nice—and in many ways, it doesn't fit the wearer, Roy, who does want to connect. Though, yeah, I have to admit, he's also a bit of a cipher. A curmudgeon in the making.

Music I like ∩ Music you like = Music I used to like

Okay, here's the rainbow from Big Bang:

Greatest American Hero

Flash Lightning


Green Lantern


Astronaut + planet balloons

To finish off, here's a shirt that comes with a bit of a story (as explained in the following video):

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