Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hodgepodge 169/365 - Taxes

I have the easy job in this household when it comes to taxes: I just need to figure out my own business expenses. David does the big job of filing the taxes. It's easier these days thanks to TurboTax, but still: it's tedious and requires lots of bits of paper.

This year we'll have some nice deductions: a car donated to a charity; solar panels credit; many year-end donations to all sorts of do-good groups.

And this year, for a change—because I worked fairly consistently and actually made some income—I paid estimated taxes again. Last year we had a big tax bill (and a small penalty), because last year, too, I had pretty good income, but I did not pay estimated taxes. It all adds up. This year, though, I was proactive.

I don't mind paying taxes, really. Though I'd mind it a lot less if I felt my taxes went to social goods. And this year, for sure, I don't feel that way. And I resent the man in the White House not disclosing his own tax returns, or much of anything about how he's conducting business. He's our employee, after all. I don't understand what has become of this nation.

More and more often, I really wish I'd been born in Norway or Denmark or Finland. English would be my second language. So be it.

Still: I feel very, very fortunate that I'm in a position of comfort in this country, in this world. Yes. There's that.

But I do not understand humanity, and the rampant greed and arrogance and destructiveness and selfishness. We are here, in this life, but for an instant. The vast majority of the billions of people on this planet don't seem to realize that. I find that baffling and very, very sad.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all got that? I think so. . . .

I'd certainly be much happier about paying my taxes if we did.

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