Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hodgepodge 159/365 - Slow Down . . .

I managed to jam a vaporetto ticket machine today. I was so focused on the euro symbol by the slot for paper bills that, um, I didn't see the euro symbol by the coin slot. I hope it's just a matter of opening the machine up and removing the offending object. Mi scusa, Signore ACTV.

(And once again, I admonish myself—always, for ever—to slow down.)

My next step (having thus lost 6 euros) was to buy a ticket from a living person. Much easier for this addled tourist.

And so I was able to take a boat ride all along the Grand Canal, from Piazzale Roma to Arsenale, with Rick Steves whispering in my ear about the various sights. It was a relaxing, aesthetic 45 minutes. (A guaranteed way of slowing down.) From there I walked through the Biennale Gardens to the far end of the island, and back to my apartment. I got my steps in yet again, and saw some quieter parts of town.

Piazza San Marco from the water
I Giardini della Biennale
Parkside houses
It was pleasant to see organic forms after
so many days among city walls.
Rio terĂ  Garibaldi (a former canal)

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