Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hodgepodge 166/365 - Tesla

David's Miata was broken into last week, the roof slashed (even though the doors were unlocked). It's now "repaired" with a piece of camo duct tape. Very classy. The middle console was broken too, and now won't close. Never mind the various dents and scrapes from 18 years of hard use.

We started talking about replacing the Miata, even though it's a fun little car. David mentioned that he'd really love a Tesla. I must say, whenever I see a Tesla on the road, I feel a surge of lust. Although it looks like a regular car, the fact that it's entirely electric is so sexy. Being unwed to fossil fuels—yes!

Today we went to the local Tesla sales room (not dealer) and got a thorough tour of the Tesla S. What a machine! Though it's really more of a computer. With wheels. Okay, it has a motor, maybe two (for all-wheel drive), but no engine; the motor is mounted on the axle, i.e. attached directly to the wheels. No transmission: no Park, no Neutral, no Drive, 2, 3. It doesn't even use a key! Just wild!

We also got a demo drive, seeing how the adaptive cruise control and auto pilot/auto steer worked (that computer again, plus eight cameras). The sound system is pretty swell as well.

Ours will be dark blue

Yes, we were sold: as soon as we got home, David pledged $1,000 for a "reservation." Which puts us in line behind 400,000-plus others. Delivery is not expected until 15–18 months from now. So David's Miata will have to flap in the wind a little while longer. No instant gratification here (unlike my Subaru purchase, which was made on the spot, almost before the test drive).

I figure an electric car (yes, yes, we could be looking at the Chevy Bolt, which might provide more immediate gratification, but really? when we can have a Tesla?) is the right thing to do for the planet, sure. But more selfishly, I also figure that we won't be driving all that much longer. My Subaru, David's Tesla—these could very well be our last cars, since our habit is to drive our vehicles into the ground.

Then again, if electric vehicles really start to take off, maybe I'll trade the Subaru in for one last car before I turn in my driver's license. Time will tell.

For now, we're excited about our new purchase. Sweet anticipation.

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