Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hodgepodge 59/365 - 52 Dinners

For a Christmas present for David, I promised to prepare 52 dinners in the coming year. (I seem to be into number-based challenges these days.) That doesn't mean one meal a week—which would be difficult in March and April, when I will be gone for four weeks. It just means 52: a nice organic number that will keep on giving.

I like to cook (well enough, anyway: i.e., on occasion), and I do cook, often enough—but truth be told, David does more of the cooking, and we also go out to eat a lot. And then there's leftovers. So this promise of 52 will be a big bump up for me. Which is fine! As I say, I like to cook. But . . . I can be lazy.

I started delivering on my promise the evening we opened our presents, Christmas Eve/First Night of Hanukkah, with Shakshuka with Feta ☞, an Israeli recipe from the New York Times. It made a great breakfast the next morning too (with additional eggs). And for Boxing Day I made Emeril Lagasse's Turkey Tetrazzini ↙︎ (with the addition of some leftover rabbit and frozen peas)—an excellently tasty use of leftover turkey.

I am going to try to use 52 different recipes, and print them all out (or photocopy them, if they're in a cookbook I own) and bind them, for an end-of-year gift-part-2. This should be fun—and get me more into a habit of cooking.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm stuck on leftover rabbit. Who has leftover rabbit in their refrigerator? Well, you, I guess!