Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hodgepodge 57/365 - Hearts

If I collect anything (besides books and CDs), I guess you could say I collect hearts: both manufactured ones and natural ones (usually rocks, and usually you have to use your imagination to deem them actually heart-shaped). Yesterday evening we opened our very few Christmas presents, and among mine was a lovely turquoise-stone heart from David. So: here is my current collection. It's not much, but the individual hearts give me pleasure, both to look at and to hold in my hand. 

The one in the upper left is from a cobalt mine and glass works in Norway called Blaafarveværket. The others I've just picked up here and there. The brown one on the left is very heavy: some sort of mineral rather than stone. Here is the upper-right glass heart, framed by Milo's fur and distorting a proofreading job.

Here are some Hawaiian hearts: natural raku ("heart aflame"), "beware of my heart," and a little piece of coral.


A few random hearts: Carmel Beach, hanging from my friend Miranda's rear-view mirror, a door latch in the old Huguenot area of New Paltz NY, a wall mural in Carmel, and my in-laws' kitchen in Oslo (I do not know the story behind the last, but there must be one).

Last but not least, my sister-in-law's outhouse in Folldal, Norway: close-up, then context. (Ignore the color shift: at this point, I wouldn't be able to tell you which is more accurate color-wise. It probably depends on whether the door is open or closed ;-)

And finally, good advice:

But also, don't be afraid to risk yo heart! It's a fine balance.

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  1. Love this collection hearts AND the creative photography that goes with them, in particular the glass heart framed by Milo's fur and the proofreading job!