Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hodgepodge 46/365 - Alphabet

One of my occasional photo projects is to make alphabet mosaics. They tend to represent a specific place: it's a bit of a scavenger hunt as I seek out the very best letters over the course of a couple of hours, or perhaps days. I try to be pure and really isolate each letter, though sometimes that's difficult.

Here's one I made in October in Provincetown, Mass. The N is what started me off: I hadn't made one of these in many years, but when I saw that N in someone's window I thought, "It's time!"

And here's one I made a few years ago, at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, Calif. Mausoleums there included the Crockers, Bechtels, and Ghirardellis. I love making cemetery alphabets: so many classy letters, and I like the muted monochromes.

And finally, one from the Ferry Building in San Francisco, where there is tons of super fun signage (and in the case of the K, bags of potato chips).

Here are three letters that I am especially fond of. Maybe I should start collecting more simply excellent letters, until one day I have all 26—and then rather than a place-based alphabet I can make a simply excellent alphabet. Or if I wanted to get really wild, a simply excellent color-coordinated (all reds? red, white, and blue?) alphabet. Well, I'll keep it in mind . . .

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  1. What a fun photo project for an afternoon or a lifetime!