Monday, November 21, 2016

Hodgepodge 23/365 - Yoko Ono

I am proofreading an art exhibition catalogue—a couple of essays—about 1960s Japanese and contemporary Brazilian art (the connection being the 1964 and 2016 Olympics). And of course Yoko Ono is mentioned. I realized I know very little about her, aside from her marriage to John Lennon and a tiny exhibit of some of her conceptual art (her "instructions") from the 1960s I saw . . . somewhere—SFMoMA maybe? So I've been doing a little research and have uncovered some things I will look into more deeply at some point. She seems like a very smart, imaginative, and generous person.

A retrospective at Denmark's
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art,
celebrating her 80th birthday
➣ A short New Yorker piece from 2013 called "Yoko Ono's Instructions"
➣ And another, longer one from New York Magazine, 2015, "Yoko Ono and the Myth That Deserves to Die" (a lousy title)
➣ A Guardian article about her 2014 retrospective at the Bilbao Guggenheim
➣ A précis of her ideas and influence as an artist
➣ A "lyrical biography," Yoko Ono: Collector of Skies
Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings (and here is an excerpt in PDF form)
➣ A host of audio recordings about her work, narrated both by her and by Christophe Cherix, curator of prints and drawings at MoMA
From Grapefruit
➣ Of course Wikipedia, which covers some of her permanent and long-term art installations and other stuff
➣ Her official website, Imagine Peace
➣ On Twitter, she is @yokoono
➣ She is of course on Facebook (where you can see her seventeen-second scream in response to the recent election)

That's good for starters. If I stumble on anything else, I'll add it in.

(The other day I wrote about Yo-Yo Ma. I posted the video of him playing with his sister at age 7 on Facebook, and there I noted, "And today Yo-Yo Ma is a Kennedy Center Artistic Advisor at Large. Another reason to be glad our country is OPEN to immigrants." Yoko Ono has been a permanent resident of the U.S. since 1973. I think I'm sensing a new thread for this here blog!)

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