Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hodgepodge 302/365 - Big Brother and the Holding Company

This weekend was the annual West End Celebration of the Peninsula's smallest municipality, Sand City (pop. 383). It's a great assortment of crafts for sale, food trucks, civic education booths, and music. Today's afternoon concert featured Big Brother and the Holding Company—yes, they still exist, though they've had a few personnel changes (and not a little controversy) over the years. The original band, together with Janis Joplin, played fifty years ago at the Monterey Pops Festival.

They sounded great today, and did perform many of the old classic tunes as well as several "new" ones (as they said, that could mean they're as old as thirty-five years). The singer was Darby Gould, formerly with Jefferson Starship. She was good—no Janis (there will never be another Janis), but very good. Big sassy voice.

In commemoration of the original band, here's a 1968 TV show performance of "Summertime" and "I Need a Man to Love," both of which they played today. The picture quality is mediocre, but the sound is decent.


  1. Did you ever see/hear Janis in concert?

    1. No, I never did. My friend Nina went to her last concert, though, and my dear departed friend Duane hung out with her and members of the Dead on the SF Peninsula. So, two degrees of separation. (Or is that one?)