Monday, August 7, 2017

Hodgepodge 282/365 - Periodic Tables

I stumbled on this fabulous periodic table today, composed of 119 haiku. The first few:

Hydrogen - H1
Your single proton
fundamental, essential.
Water. Life. Star fuel.

Helium - He2
Begin universe.
Wait three minutes to enter.
Stay cool. Don't react.

Lithium - Li3
Lighter than water,
empower my phone, my car.
Banish depression.

Or there's Yttrium - Y39
That is not a name.
That is a spelling error.
Or a Scrabble bluff.

You can contribute to the project on Twitter: #ChemHaiku. It's a great, creative, and fun undertaking!

But this got me thinking about some other periodic tables I've seen. So I've just gone and hunted down a few, both informative and fun—or downright silly. The titles provide links to greater explanations, where available.

The Periodic Table's Endangered Elements

Periodic Table Clock (video)

Thomas Gray's "Most Beautiful Periodic Table" (interactive)

Discoverers of the Elements by Nation

The Periodic Table of Sweeteners (interactive)

Periodic Table of Beer Styles (interactive)

 Periodic Table of Dessert

 Periodic Table of Typefaces

There are more "periodic tables": of Harry Potter, of cannabis, of rock bands, of horror movies, of social media, of tables, of sex, of giant robots and pretty big robots, of stuff stoners like. You get the idea. The sky's the limit.

But to close on a more serious note, here is Oliver Sacks's essay "My Periodic Table" from July 24, 2015, just a little over a month before he died. I will always miss Mr. Sacks. He was a bright light in this world, full of wisdom, humor, and love. I am happy that this hunt for periodic tables caused me to come across this essay again.

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