Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hodgepodge 197/365 - Aerial Views

I like to fly. I don't enjoy the circus involved in getting on a plane, but I like being in my seat, especially if it's a window seat and I can look out. Here are some shots I've taken over the years out the windows of airplanes large and small, and a helicopter or two. (Click on the photos to view them large on black.)

Leaving Monterey, 7 a.m. in wintertime
Over the Salinas Valley, looking toward Monterey under fog
Big Sur: that little bump in the ocean is the Pt. Sur Lighthouse
The cliffs of Big Sur
Elkhorn Slough, north of Monterey
Mt. Shasta, northern California
Portland, Oregon, with Mt. Hood in the distance
Newark, New Jersey, and the Passaic River
Miami, Florida
Quito, Ecuador
Near Gardemoen Airport, Norway
California orchards
Utah canyons
The Everglades
Over Sykes Camp, Pine Ridge Trail, Big Sur
The Keys causeway, Florida
Caribbean deliciousness
Over Greenland
I know exactly where this is thanks to a Flickr follower
who told me that this area lies north
of the Kangertittivatsiaq Fjord, looking north, with
Greenland's inland icecap visible on the left. What's
more, another Flickr user took a virtually identical
photo the year before, while flying in the other
direction. How amazing is that?!?

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  1. ive missed reading your blog - and this is exactly why. thank you for sharing!